Supporting Musical Activities

Corporate Philanthropy in the Support of Music and Development of Music Culture

Nippon Steel supports music culture. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Nippon Steel in 1990, the Kioi Hall was constructed and opened in April 1995. Nippon Steel Music Awards are presented once a year.

Nippon Steel Arts Foundation was founded in 1994 as an incorporated foundation with its offices at the Kioi Hall, and changed its status to a public interest incorporated foundation in 2010. Through fostering talented musicians, sponsoring concerts and other musical events, and supporting notable musical activities, the foundation aims to contribute to further development of music culture.

The Nippon Steel Mixed Chorus is a prominent chorus and has won Gold Awards in the Japan Choral Association (JCA) National Choral Competition (Company Division) numerous times.

Kioi Hall and its Orchestra

Nippon Steel Music Awards

Nippon Steel Mixed Chorus

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