Promotion of Nippon Steel's DX

In promoting DX at Nippon Steel, we believe that it is important to utilize digital technology and enhance our ability to continuously implement innovation, or “the power to change,” without being affected by traditional constraints. This is because it is possible to create significant value by efficiently standardizing and automating current business operations and production processes using digital technology, and then using the knowledge and resources generated to create a cycle of new innovation. In addition, rather than simply applying new digital technologies, we aim to review our business operations and production processes based on data, and thereby enhance decisions that tend to be partial optimizations to optimal decisions from a broader perspective, transcending organizational barriers and hierarchies.

Business execution that is not constrained by location bases or places of performance

AI alone is not sufficient to create value. In the coming era of digital innovation as well, people will still propose and implement new innovations, and it is important for people to have a higher sense of mission and to chart a course for future-oriented innovation. In addition, we think it is extremely important to utilize digital technology as a means to turn the cycle of innovation. Specifically, by displaying the three effects of digital technology – “location-free,” “data-driven,” and “empowerment” – we will innovate traditional workstyles and strive to significantly increase productivity, speed up decision-making, and improve problem-solving capabilities.

Business process innovation Production process innovation

Nippon Steel has been proactively adopting ICT since the 1960s in a variety of fields, including production, sales, logistics, maintenance, purchasing, and profit management, and one of its major strengths is the large number of business systems it has developed and the vast amount of high-quality data it has accumulated. We will enhance our “strength in maneuvering,” which will enable formidable process control and automation, by bolstering and making advanced use of our “strength in connecting,” which will entail organically linking valuable data assets that are dispersed in individual departments and factories by utilizing advanced information technology and the latest digital technology. We believe that these strengths will contribute not only to business process innovation and production process innovation, but also to the provision of new value to stakeholders through synergies with measures to enhance our strength in manufacturing and strength in sales and marketing.

Business process innovation Production process innovation