Information Security and Protection of Intellectual Property

Information Security

Compliance with Information Management Rules

Nippon Steel has rules governing information management and several implementation rules of them for the purpose of controlling and managing information as valuable assets. Among their functions those rules provide protection to prevent infringement of third-party confi dential information.

Measures to Prevent Leakage of Confidential Information

  • Nippon Steel constantly strives to enhance the security level of the IT systems it uses, and to take effective measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.
  • Technical presentations and technology licenses are required to undergo prior internal review to prevent unintentional disclosure of confi dential information.
  • Nippon Steel classifi es its facilities based on level of criticality and limits entry to those facilities according to that classifi cation.

Protection of Personal Information

Nippon Steel has rules for the proper handling of personal information.

Education on Information Management

  • Nippon Steel provides a "Manual for Protection of Confi dential Information" to all employees. All employees are required to complete e-learning programs on information security once a year.
  • Nippon Steel uses appropriate opportunities to inform employees of the importance of protecting confi dential information, rules, and practical matters for management of information.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Risk Management

We aim to implement intellectual property (IP) activities organizationally, respect other companies’ technologies, and maximize the values of our proprietary technologies. For those purposes, we constantly promote proper information management, prevent violation of IP-related laws and regulations, manage IP risks by expanding the scope of Groupwide IP activities, and reduce risks associated with our overall IP activities by enforcing our internal rules.

Efforts for the Protection of Intellectual Property

We continuously protect and utilize IP rights on technologies sustaining our technological edge, and eliminate counterfeits that infringe our IP rights. At the same time, we respect the IP rights of other companies, and conduct necessary investigations to avoid any infringement. We also carry out IP training each year to enhance the understanding and awareness of our employees.

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