Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct

The Nippon Steel Corporation Group, having adopted its Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct, is determined to fulfill its social responsibility by raising corporate value through appropriate practices and contributing to development of society.

As an infrastructure to realize this important objective, we strive to strengthen our corporate governance structure and internal control. In so doing we are working at establishing a system to engage in “CSR that is proper to Nippon Steel Corporation.”

Our Values

Nippon Steel Corporation Group will pursue world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities, and contribute to society by providing excellent products and services.

Management Principles

  1. 1.We continue to emphasize the importance of integrity and reliability in our actions.
  2. 2.We provide products and services that benefit society, and grow in partnership with our customers.
  3. 3.We pursue world-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities.
  4. 4.We continually anticipate and address future changes, innovate from within, and pursue unending progress.
  5. 5.We develop and bring out the best in our people to make our Group rich with energy and enthusiasm.


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