Various Support Activities in and out of Japan

Nippon Steel cooperates and supports a wide range of activities in academic and educational areas, and for art and culture, sports, local communities, welfare, and disaster support.

Disaster support in and out of Japan

We assist recovery from large-scale disasters arising in various parts of the world.

Recent Major Support Cases

Period Disaster Amount of support (million yen)
Nippon Steel Group
FY2023 Earthquake in Turkey, Syria 10
FY2020 Heavy rain disaster in July 11.5
FY2019 Typhoon No.19 21
FY2019 Typhoon No.15 10.4
FY2018 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake 14
FY2018 Heavy rain disaster in July 28
FY2017 Heavy rain disaster in northern Kyushu (Unconsolidated)  6
FY2016 Kumamoto earthquake (Unconsolidated)  15
FY2015 Earthquake in Nepal (Unconsolidated)  2
FY2014 Heavy rain disaster in northern Hiroshima (Unconsolidated)  3
FY2013 Typhoon in the Philippines (Unconsolidated)  5
FY2011 Great East Japan Earthquake 910

Support for international exchange activities

Kansai Association Switzerland-Japan

Nippon Steel supports a Japan-Switzerland youth exchange program.
The Kansai Association Switzerland-Japan was founded in 1982 with the aim of promoting exchange between the two countries and contributing to mutual understanding and friendship.We have been the primary source of support and management of its activities.

The primary activity is a program of youth exchanges between the two countries, which are sponsored jointly with the Osaka Board of Education. Six middle-school students from either Osaka City or Switzerland spend three weeks of their summer vacation in Switzerland or Osaka City. A group from Switzerland goes to Osaka one year, and one from Japan goes to Switzerland the next. During their stay abroad, the students have a home stay and visit their own embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other public institutions. The year after being sent, their families become hosts to receive Swiss students, and vice versa. Since the program launch in 1984, a total of 215 students have been sent abroad from both countries.

The youth exchange students visit the Wakayama Steel Works

The youth exchange students visit the Wakayama Steel Works

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