Nippon Steel's Environmental Initiatives

Nippon Steel is promoting environmental management centered around the four basic orientation of the three ecos and the company’s innovative technology development, as stipulated in the Basic Environmental Policy. We aim at achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting the Environmental Management Action Plans.

Going forward, from the perspective of SDGs, we will keep identifying and working on issues for which we can contribute through our business.

Nippon Steel's Environmental Initiatives

Three ecos and innovative technology development

ECO PROCESSThe way we manufacture is “eco-friendly”


Nippon Steel uses world-leading resources and world-leading energy efficiency to manufacture steel products and aims to develop eco-friendly steelmaking processes by further improving efficiency.
ECO SOLUTIONSharing our “eco-solutions”


We contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and other environmental impact on a global scale by diffusing our Group’s world-class environmental and energy-saving technologies in Japan and overseas.
ECO PRODUCTSWhat we produce is “eco-friendly”


We produce and offer eco-friendly “products” using our world-leading technological capabilities, thus conserving resources and energy and thereby contributing towards building a sustainable society.
Innovative Technology Development

Innovative Technology Development

Based on the objective of offering to society technologies and products that contribute to the saving of resources and energy and the reduction in environmental impact, we are developing innovative advanced technologies from a medium- to long-term perspective.

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