Nippon Steel's Environmental Initiatives

Five priority areas for achieving the SDGs

In order to achieve the SDGs, we have identified five priority areas based on our Basic Environmental Policy and are working on various environmental issues.

Five priority areas for achieving the SDGs

Specific initiatives in five priority areas

Recognizing that efforts in the five priority areas are important for the realization of a sustainable society, we are steadily implementing measures in each of these areas.

In particular, since we announced the Carbon Neutral Vision 2025 in March 2021, we have been actively working on climate change measures as the most important management issue.

Promotion of climate change measures

  • Ensure progress toward the Carbon Neutral Vision 2050
  • −Provision of two types of value

         High-performance steel products and solutions (Eco Products)

         Decarbonization of steelmaking process (Eco Process)

    −Establish a Green Transformation (GX) Promotion System

    −Cooperate with society, make policy proposals, and work in industry organizations for achieving carbon neutrality

  • Transfer and diffuse decarbonization technologies overseas (Eco Solutions)
  • Make efforts to address climate change in the field of resource recycling
  • Make efforts to adapt to climate change
  • Disclose information according to recommendations of the TCFD
Carbon Neutral Vision 2050

Contributing to creation of a circular economy

  • Expand efficient use of resources and energy
  • Promote internal zero emission
  • Accelerate recycling of waste generated in society

Promotion of environmental risk management

  • Conserve air environment
  • Conserve water environment
  • Respond to other environmental risks (soil, chemical substances and wastes)

Promotion of environmental relation activities

  • Work on biodiversity conservation
  • Disclose and have dialogues centering on environmental information in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Communicate actively on environmental issues

Promotion of environmental management system

  • Establish an environmental management organization
  • Work at managing and improving the level of environmental management
  • Groupwide environmental management

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