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Recycling of waste plastics and waste tires

Nippon Steel recycles 100% of plastic containers and packaging collected from general households by a chemical recycling process using a coke oven. Specifically, 40% of these are collected as hydrocarbon oil and processed mainly into plastic raw materials by Nippon Steel’s group company; 40% are collected as coke oven gas and used as fuel at a power generation plant within the steelworks; and the remaining 20% are used in the steelmaking process as a part of coke.

To date, we have established a scheme for collecting plastics at seven of our steelworks; it covers 269 out of 742 municipalities and unions (associations of multiple municipalities) throughout Japan. They dispose of approximately 200,000 tons a year or 30% of plastic containers and packaging collected nationwide. Nippon Steel’s recycling, using a coke oven, has a high recycling rate and high capacity, thereby contributing to create recycling-oriented communities.

Our accumulated total disposal amounted to approximately 2.89 million tons (from fiscal 2000 through fiscal 2017), which is equivalent to 9.25 million tons of CO2 reduction. Recently, we began to collect discarded uniforms made of chemical textiles from Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd. and food trays from Chuo Kagaku Co., Ltd. to be recycled by the same process for reuse as petrochemical products.

Nippon Steel’s plastic recycling plants in its steelworks are open for plant visits. The Kimitsu Works in the Tokyo metropolitan area, in particular, received 11,085 people in fiscal 2017, contributing to environmental education in the community.

Moreover, all discarded tires are recycled. At Hirohata Works, they are processed by a scrap melting method, which is a steelmaking process, and used as a fuel. They are also thermally decomposed in gasification recycling equipment for 100% reuse. The disposal capability is 120,000 tons a year. Approximately 10% of discarded tires in Japan are recycled.

Waste plastic recycling facilities (Yawata Works)

Waste plastic recycling facilities (Yawata Works)

Waste tire recycling facilities (Hirohata Works)

Waste tire recycling facilities (Hirohata Works)

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