Our strategies (IT utilization and facilitation)


During this “mid-term business plan 2017,” we  work on operational efficiency and enhancement by implementing a company-wide system consolidation, and search and apply advanced IT solutions aggressively; especially we focus on the following agendas in both conventional and innovative fields of IT:

  • “Consolidating and restructuring business systems,” aiming to take full advantage of corporate merger effect;
  • “Developing and facilitating corporate infrastructures that contributes to our global business management,” including enhancement of our overseas operation support team; and
  • “Utilizing advanced IT,” aiming to enhance our competitive edge, operational and maintenance capabilities through using innovative system technologies.

  • Basic plan

    We have been working on consolidating business systems from the merger to actualize the benefit of synergy and business process innovation by enhancing system functions and efficiencies. The progresses are as follows:

  • We have completed the consolidation of the following general administration systems: Human resources, Accounting, Intellectual property, Procurement (Raw materials). We are still working on Cost management, Procurement (Other materials and facilities), Facility maintenance etc. by replacing old systems, developed separately at Works, with a consolidated new web-based system.
  • We have planned to complete the projects of Sales & Marketing systems by the end of 2016 fiscal year and make them go live accordingly, which is equipped with some new and/or enhanced functions and meets existing requirements of customer and production base of previous companies (Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd).

  • We will also further implement more advanced production control systems of our steel products.

  • We are going to design, develop, and implement “Best practice model system,” in which high functionality and knowhow dispersed among our domestic production base are consolidated and integrated, to domestic Works step by step. By doing this, we will establish strong base of production control system in Japan.
  • We are going to design, develop and implement “Standard model system,” which is simple, suitable and equipped with necessary functions for a small plant, to overseas affiliate companies step by step. By doing this, we will ensure system quality and provide overseas customers with satisfaction as we do in Japan.
  • By reusing these model systems, we will be able to enhance productivity during a system lifecycle.

  • We have been analyzing accumulated big data to improve our production efficiency and quality; furthermore, we will accelerate more such efforts to utilize advanced IT solutions.

  • We will utilize IoT and Big data solutions, establish optimization and advanced simulation, apply cutting-edge digital technology to the fields of Logistics, Raw material procurement and Sales & Marketing systems, conduct researches on efficient system management, and deploy those results and deliverables in practice accordingly.

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