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Railway wheel

We are the only manufacturer of railway wheels in Japan. By providing high-quality wheels for many years, we have won the trust and high esteem of customers.

Driving mechanism

From the 1940s late, we have been steadily engaged in the design and manufacture of railway train drive units and gear couplings.Our products currently are used by customers in Japan and abroad, in cars such as those used for the Shinkansen bullet train.


We have developed induction-hardened axles with extremely high safety standards. These are used in a wide range of high-speed and high-load applications, including the Shinkansen bullet trains. The superior quality is recognized not only in Japan, but through the world as well.


We started designing and manufacturing couplers for railway cars in 1924. We have been developed and manufactured many different types of couplers.
Our couplers are widely used on railways in Japan and abroad.

Wheels and axles

The assembly of the axles and wheels is called a wheelset. We produce narrow and standard gauge wheelsets for the full range of domestic railway cars, from high-speed cars to on-site factory rail cars, as well as export goods.

Bogie truck

We supply bogies for Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains, for railways and commuter trains operated by private companies or public enterprises, for linear motor cars with steel wheels, for tramcars (LRVs), and diesel-driven railway cars.

Brake disks

Forged steel brake disks have several distinct advantages over conventional cast iron disks. These advanced features include high wear resistance and prevention of cracks in sliding surfaces caused by heat loads at high speeds. Due to their superior durability, forged steel brake disks are used extensively for Japan's bullet trains.

Control bogies

We developed products that incorporate control technology based on our extensive bogie design and manufacturing technologies. We offer a superb system that ensures dramatic improvement in riding comfort, earlier arrival times.

Brake calipers

We design and manufacuture brake calipers for railway cars on Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains, other railways, new transport systems, subways, and monorail lines.

Test Equipment

We supply a wide range of test equipment such as machines to test axle bending under varying loads, fatigue test machines, and high-speed brake testing machines.

Crankshafts and front axle beams

We have a variety of forging, heat treatment and testing facilities for all types of applications. Our die-forged products produced with these facilities are guaranteed to be state-of-the-art and of consistent quality.

Aluminum wheels

In 1980, making full use of the design, technology and manufacturing equipment and developed in Japan and overseas for railway wheels, including those used for Japanese Shinkansen bullet train, we developed Japanese first forged aluminum wheels for trucks and buses.

Permanent magnet retarder

The Neotard Retarder is the world's first eddy-current brake system that generates braking force using the magnetic force of the world's strongest neodymium permanent magnet. This lightweight, compact system is installed as the auxiliary brake system on many heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Die materials

We supply die materials designed to meet our customers' needs.

Mill roll

We supply forged steel rolls for hot rolling and cold rolling, and a full range of steel types for various rolling processes.


We independently researched and developed the VCROLLTM based on our roll manufacturing technology and rolling technology. It is highly regarded in related industries.

Circular forgings

Our circular forgings are made efficiently and to high precision with leading-edge technologies, including unique, large-scale equipment. The superior precision and high performance of its products has earned us a reputation for high product quality in this market.

Forged products for power generation

We are providing forged products for power generation including large-diameter pipes, heavy duty joints and reducers.

Shape-memory alloys

Born of our wealth of titanium and titanium alloy melting and fabrication technology, KTS-SM alloy is one of the most reliable of the Ni-Ti alloys of this type of shape-memory and superelastic alloys.

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