ZAM®-EX is an export brand for
our high corrosion resistant coated steel
ZAM® and SuperDyma®.

ZAM® × SuperDyma®

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Nippon Steel’s export brand for high corrosion resistant coated steel

ZAM®-EX is an export brand for our high corrosion resistant coated steel ZAM® and SuperDyma®.
After their first industrial production in the world in 2000, ZAM® and SuperDyma® have proven their excellent corrosion resistance and been applied to a wide variety of fields and products which require protection against corrosion. We have pioneered this market with of ZAM® and SuperDyma® supplied to customers around the world for over 20 years.
We now offer our new brand ZAM®-EX and we will continue to lead the high corrosion resistant coated steel market. We also supply ZAM® and SuperDyma® if customers prefer.

Al- and Mg-added (Al-, Mg- and Si-added) coated steel sheets are available around the world, including ours, and their corrosion resistance depends on the content of these additives.

ZAM®-EX conforms to and has Al and Mg contents that conform to JIS G 3323; therefore, it exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Total volume equals 26 times the length of Earth's equator (1,050,000km).

15 million tons (equivalent to 1.05 million coils) are equivalent to a distance of
1.05 million kilometers (1.05 million coils times 700 meters (per coil)).
This equals 26 times the length of Earth's equator (length of the equator: 40,000 km).

Mg and Al content

Mg and Al content

what is ZAM-EX

Best choice for the applications which require excellent performance for corrosion resistance

We guarantee 20 to 25 years for ZAM®-EX in the applications such as the structure for solar panels under certain environment*.

For the details of the products range, please contact us.



Benefit to Customers.01 Long product life
Benefit to Customers 01

Long product life

The corrosion resistance of ZAM®-EX is superior to post-galvanized or post-painted steel sheets. It contributes to the reduction of life cycle costs through a longer product life.
Products that use ZAM®-EX will support our lives for a long time. They will also contribute to the community by extending the life of social infrastructure.

Benefit to Customers.02 New product and application development
Benefit to Customers 02
Benefit to Customers.02 New product and application development

ZAM®-EX help our customers enjoy the flexibility of design and develop new products with a wide range of size, strength, and drawability*.

For the details of the products range, please contact us.

Benefit to Customers.04 Improved productivity
Benefit to Customers 03

Improved productivity

By using ZAM®-EX, it is possible for customers to omit the post galvanizing/painting process, which contributes to reducing manufacturing process and work period.
The plated layer of ZAM®-EX is hard, which prevents damage due to handling, allowing customers to manufacture products with beautiful and smooth exterior and improve yield loss.

Benefit to Customers.04 Environmentally friendly
Benefit to Customers 04

Environmentally friendly

In addition to higher corrosion resistance of products, customers are also required to reduce the effects on environment during manufacturing of their products. Thanks to the excellent corrosion resistance performance of ZAM®-EX, customers no longer need to apply post galvanizing/painting on the materials to secure corrosion resistance, which contributes to omitting waste liquid treatment.
ZAM®-EX is compatible with the RoHS and Reach regulations recognized around the world.


ZAM®-EX is used to a variety of applications all over the world.


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