Mill roll

We supply forged steel rolls for hot rolling and cold rolling, and a full range of steel types for various rolling processes.


With mill rolls for sheets as the main products, we are capable of making forged steel rolls for hot rolling and cold rolling. In addition, we supply a full range of steel types for various rolling processes. Our manufacturing facilities make full use of unique know-how in a system that meets users' needs with close cooperation between our research and development, manufacturing, technical services, and sales units.

Our product quality has long been of the top class in the world. Our high-speed mill rolls, which have superior anti-burning characteristics due to control of high-chrome carbide substances, and CPI rolls, which can reduce cost while still maintaining the same level of high quality, are highly evaluated by customers.


Forged steel hardened roll

Standard work roll
  • CPI roll
    We have reduced costs to a minimum by carrying out process improvements. High cost performance is achieved with the same functionality as the conventional 5Cr standard type. Hardened depth φ60
  • CPI-SD roll
    With the same basic rolling performance as CPI roll, the hardened depth has been increased to φ80.

High performance work roll

  • CGL roll for special uses
    Spalling is prevented with hydrogen embrittlement
  • Scratchless roll
    Uniformity of ground surface roughness, good grindability
  • High-speed mill roll
    The frequency of burning under high-speed and high-pressure rolling is reduced by controlling the distribution of carbide substances.
  • High toughness, semi high-speed tool roll
    This steel can be used for many manufacturing applications such as high abrasion-resistance, good defect-prevention performance and good grindability.

High-performance intermediate roll

Abrasion-resistant hot dies intermediate roll, abrasion-resistant high chrome intermediate roll

Base strengthened backup roll

The anti-destruction toughness of this forged steel backup roll has been greatly enhanced by improving the hardening process and adjusting the alloy components.


Forged steel hardened roll applications

Cold roll
  • General use mill rolls
    Mill rolls for such products as steel sheet, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Skin pass roll
    For thin sheet for coating, stainless steel sheet, copper and brass sheet for skin pass roll
  • Backup roll
    For ferrous and non-ferrous material
  • Lengthy products
    For calendar roll, leveler roll, etc.
For hot roll
  • Mill roll
    Aluminum copper and brass sheet for roll
  • Backup roll
    For ferrous and non-ferrous material

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