Control bogies

Amid the intensifying competition between rail service and other modes of transportation, it is important to differentiate by providing better service, while at the same time conserving on maintenance to decrease costs. To respond to these needs, we have led the competition in marketing products that incorporate control technology based on our extensive bogie design and manufacturing technologies. We offer a superb system that ensures dramatic improvement in riding comfort, earlier arrival times, and ease-of-maintenance, which have been difficult to achieve with conventional bogie design.


Active suspension system

This system reduces the amount of swaying in railcars by over half compared with conventional cars. This is the first time this has been successfully brought to market, and our product has already been incorporated into first-class trains such as the Shinkansen and other express trains. In this system, actuators located between the car body and the bogies immediately compensate for any swaying movement sensed in the car body. We can also optimally tune the system for each car and rail line, providing passengers with the comfortable ride they need.

Pneumatic spring tilting system

This system can enhance train curving speeds by 10 to 15 km/h, which enables much earlier train arrival times. Air springs installed on the bogies are inflated and deflated to tilt the car body, in the same way that a motorcycle rider inclines his or her body when cornering, allowing the vehicle to take curves smoothly. This system gives the bogies a far more simple construction than pendulum-type car bodies, also resulting in easier maintenance.

Status monitoring system

This system has the function of providing data that can be used to help locate the source of any abnormal car vibration and to manage ride comfort. For instance, it constantly looks out for any occurrence of "hunting," which directly affects running safety, At the same time, it also capable of recording all data related to car vibration and ride comfort to assist in car inspection and maintenance. This can be accomplished by a simple mechanism consisting of accelerometers and signal processing equipment.


Active suspension system

Pneumatic spring tilting system

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