We started designing and manufacturing couplers for railway cars in 1924. Since then, we have consistently manufactured this product for about 80 years. During that time we developed and manufactured many different types of couplers.

Our couplers are widely used on railroads in Japan and abroad in response to the needs of our various customers according to the type of railcars being used (electric cars, freight-cars, etc.) and the number of cars being drawn.


Currently, the main type of coupler is known as the Tight-Lock Coupler. It has no clearance between the contact parts to offer a smooth, comfortable ride even when the train is starting or braking. These are known as rotary-type couplers. They maintain their coupling with parts known as locks. This system is widely employed on the Shinkansen as well as other private and public railways.
In addition, we design and manufacture coupler systems that comply with specifications for higher speed trains and improved curving performance.

We have also developed a double-action-type rubber draft gear to enabling coupling longer and heavier trains and to reduce shock-noise on starting and braking. This mechanism is now widely employed in cars on private and public railways.


Rotary Key-Block Type Tight-Lock Automatic Coupler

Semi-Permanent Type Coupler

Tight-Lock Coupler for Shinkansen

Automatic Tight-Lock Coupler

Bar-Type Coupler

W-Action Type

Noise level: 10 to 15 dB reduction

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