VAM® 21 HT CLEANWELL® DRY ST First Running

Jul. 26, 2018

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

VAM® 21 HT CLEANWELL® DRY ST First Running

On March 1st 2018, the new version of VAM CLEANWELL® DRY was run offshore Norway with outstanding operational performances. The rig was located on a fixed platform in the Norwegian North Sea at roughly 150/200 m water depth. The product run was a 9 5/8’’ 53.5# P110 VAM® 21 HT CLEANWELL® DRY ST, a new solution developed specifically for high torque applications.

The casing was run using remotely operated equipment, which has become standard practice for Norwegian Offshore operations, in compliance with HSE regulations and limited access to the Red Zone.
A total of 50 joints were run with no rejects and a very clear, repeatable torque-turn signature throughout the job. Running speed exceeded 12 jt / hr, and both end user as well as the tubular running service company were positively impressed by the good performance of this new version of CLEANWELL® DRY.
CLEANWELL® DRY ST comes as a complementary solution to the now well established and field proven CLEANWELL® DRY. CLEANWELL® DRY ST has also been designed to be simple and cost effective to maintain, handle, and repair; maximizing the operational benefits onshore & offshore.

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