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Construction and building

H-shapes continue to advance as a steel material for large scale construction.

Structural steel products must continue to progress with seismic resistance capabilities and design qualities to satisfy higher and larger scale construction needs. NIPPON STEEL, as a pioneer in H-shapes, contributes to optimize design and fabrication works, shorten work periods and enhance cost savings with rich size variations, improved strength and weldability and high dimensional accuracy.

Ports and rivers

Steel sheet piles in an extensive range of sizes and qualities contribute to safe, secure, and comfortable living.

In the ports field, steel materials such as steel pipe piles and sheet piles have been widely used up to the present time. Steel is outstanding as a structural material due to its high strength and uniform quality, and a steel product suiting the design conditions can be selected from an extensive variety of shapes and dimensions. Also, by using steel it is possible to shorten work periods, and thus it has contributed to the development of port facilities, e.g., through frequent use in quay walls, piled piers, and other piers. Furthermore, methods to prevent corrosion have recently been developed and applied using titanium and stainless steel. Going forward, we will respond to needs such as earthquake resistance, measures to boost tsunami resistance, and measures to counter deterioration.

In the rivers field, steel products such as sheet piles are widely used to build shore protection with outstanding resistance to scouring and earthquakes. During the dry season, it is possible to work at high speed in limited space, and these products can also support work with low noise and low vibration in consideration of the surrounding environment. Therefore, these products have contributed to the development and preservation of river environments, primarily urban rivers. They also meet a wide range of other needs, such as measures to prevent river embankment seepage, earthquake resistance reinforcement in preparation for a major earthquake, and emergency recovery work in case of damage.

Roads and tunnels

Segment products with high work efficiency, outstanding for earthquake resistance and water stopping performance.

For infrastructure such as roads and railways, the walls of shielded tunnels passing through the ground are composed of products called segments. Our segments have high water stopping performance, high load bearing performance, and deformation performance during earthquakes thanks to our unique main body structure and connection method. These products allow workers to work more efficiently and safely, and have been proven, and earned a high reputation, in many large-scale projects.


Products for bridges with outstanding cost performance and weather resistance

In our group, we handle a wide range of products, such as high-performance steel material with high yield point, high toughness, and outstanding weldability and cold workability, high-speed assembly on-site using prefabricated steel members, and bridge products with outstanding cost performance. Furthermore, we help to reduce maintenance costs and lengthen bridge service life through weather resistant steel which exhibits a corrosion prevention function without paint, and corrosion resistant steel which can lengthen painting cycles. Also, various methods employing steel pipe piles and steel pipe sheet piles with high strength and deformation performance are used for bridge foundations, and we thereby meet a variety of needs such as high depth, soft ground, shorter work periods, hight bearing capacity, space saving, and protection of the environment.

Offshore structures

Products for offshore structures to support global energy development

As the development environment for subsea resource deposits becomes increasingly severe, needs have arisen for offshore structures made from steel plate with high strength and toughness at low temperatures. NIPPON STEEL contributes to the solution of customer issues through a wide range of steel products with high strength and toughness for offshore structures used at great depths over 1000m or in the North Sea and Arctic zones. In this way we are supporting development of energy resources in countries and regions all over the world.


Taking advantage of our 100+years of experience, our rails are increasingly being applied worldwide

Based on the quality tempered in the severe Japanese market, we are expanding overseas operations, and our rails can respond to issues in any country or region. We have the largest share of high-grade heat treated rails especially resistant to heavy loads and abrasion, thanks to our 100+years of domestic experience and 30 year track record in North America. In addition, NIPPON STEEL rail durability has stood up to the harsher operating environments and supply to developing countries is expanding.

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