Wheels and axles

The assembly of the axles and wheels is called a wheelset. We produce narrow and standard gauge wheelsets for the full range of domestic railway cars, from high-speed cars to on-site factory rail cars, as well as export goods. Our annual production capacity is 10,000 pairs. We also manufacture special wheelsets that measure the vertical and horizontal loads during actual running operation.


Superior manufacturing technology

No fasteners are used in the assembly of the wheelsets, which are mounted by a tight-fit technique utilizing only the tightening force between the fitted parts. We also have a hydraulic press fitting technology, which accomplishes smooth fitting, using hydraulic pressure and high-precision dimensional control of the fitted parts.

Superior facilities

We have wheel and bearing mounting presses for various types of products, as well as run-out and balance measuring equipment and roller rigs for post-assembly testing.


High-speed driving wheelset

High-speed trailing wheelset

Driving wheelset for commuter trains

Trailing wheelset for commuter trains

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