Railway wheel

Wheels, together with the axle, are the most important components that literally support the safety of railway rolling stock from beneath the floor. Today, maximum train speeds can exceed 300km/h, and the acceleration and braking performance of subway and urban trains are improving. All this makes the service conditions of wheels more and more severe. However, wheels must be absolutely reliable at all times.

We are the only manufacturer of railway wheels in Japan. By providing high-quality wheels for many years, we have won the trust and high esteem of customers. At the same time, we have been able to respond to the demands of the times with ongoing technological innovation in both manufacturing and design, and by developing wheels with increasingly high performance. Our new technologies are highly regarded at home and abroad, and our wheels are widely used throughout the world.


Excellent microcleanliness

Undesirable inclusions or voids in wheel material may cause subsurface cracking under severe wheel loads. Therefore, ultrasonic testing criteria have been revised to be stricter in North America to prevent defects in freight car wheels.
NIPPON STEEL wheels are able to confidently satisfy these new criteria, owing to the world's highest level of cleanliness achieved by excellent steelmaking technologies.

Technological development

We are constantly engaged in research and development to contribute to the rail industry with new products that meet the demands of the day. A typical example is the "New Corrugated (HT Corrugated) Wheel," which allows for lightweight design by combining the concept that a "corrugated plate can be thinner than a flat plate because it is stiffer than a flat plate" with the "HT (High Toughness) wheel," which has excellent resistance to the effects of heating due to tread braking.

High Toughness (HT) Wheel

We developed the world-leading High Toughness (HT) wheel as a wheel that is not susceptible to changes in residual stress despite the thermal effects of tread braking.

Comparison of residual stress after drag braking

Residual stress distribution after drag braking
V=80km/h(50mph), μP=300kgf(660lbs.), 1hour duration

New (HT) corrugated wheel

The New (HT) Corrugated Wheel has been developed based on the same concept as the High Toughness Wheel.
It combines the features of being lightweight and braking heat-resistant.

Noise damped wheel

Noise damped wheel can reduce squeaking noise at curved track owing to damping attachment.

Noise damping effect

Noise damping wheel


A type solid wheel(A type Wheel)

A type corrugated wheel(A type Corrugated Wheel)

A type braking heat-resistant (HT) wheel(A type High Toughness Wheel)

A type braking heat-resistant new corrugated wheel(A type High Toughness Corrugated Wheel)

B type solid wheel(B type Wheel)

B type corrugated wheel(B type Corrugated Wheel)

C type wheel(C type Wheel)

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