Crankshafts and front axle beams

We have a proud tradition of manufacturing die-forged products since the founding of us. Our production facilities include the largest mechanical press in the world, our 16,000-ton high-speed forging press line, a 10,000-ton high-speed forging press line, a 6,500-ton high-speed automatic forging press line, a 5,000-ton high-speed automatic forging press line, and a 35-ton-meter hammer line, a 50-ton-meter hammer line. We use these facilities to manufacture approximately 4 million crankshafts annually. The proprietary manufacturing technologies that we have established are also highly evaluated by our many customers.


Superb manufacturing technology and facilities

We have a variety of forging, heat treatment and testing facilities for all types of applications. All the products produced with these facilities are guaranteed to be state-of-the-art and of consistent quality.

High dimensional accuracy

Using high-precision forging presses, we can provide products with high dimensional accuracy, even for complex shapes.

Integrated quality control system

Using high-quality steel supplied by our own steel works, all processes are conducted under an integrated quality control system, right up to delivery of the products.

Selection of optimum material for each application

Using our own steel for all products, we can select the best-suited material for each application.

CAE-driven product design

We can provide CAE-based design evaluation technology to assist customers with their product design.

Well-developed functional evaluation technology

We can make various evaluations of the crankshafts, including single-component fatigue tests, material tests and so on.

Production range

Major products Weight [kg] Overall length [mm]
Crankshafts 5 to 2000 300 to 3000
Front axle beams 30 to 150 700 to 2000
Aircraft landing gear 35 to 500

We can manufacture various sizes of crankshafts for use from automobiles to industrial machinery.


Crankshafts for passenger cars

Crankshafts for trucks and buses

Front axle beams

Landing gear for aircraft

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