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Railway wheels backed by long record of actual results and high reliability are extensively adopted in railway operations worldwide.

High-speed railway wheels need to withstand train speeds of more than 300 km/h, and subway and urban train railway wheels face increasingly severe use conditions attributable to higher acceleration and braking performances of trains. NIPPON STEEL produces railway wheels employing world's highest level cleanliness steel and advanced hot-forming, processing and inspection technologies. These wheels with long record of actual results has acquired high reliability from railway companies overseas.


Automobile and construction machinery crankshafts meet wide-ranging global needs.

Crankshafts govern engine function and fuel consumption. NIPPON STEEL not only has a wide range of size variations in die forging products for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and construction machinery; we also provide solutions that contribute to engine downsizing and weight reduction. Further, we are working on improving the product quality and production capability of our overseas manufacturing bases to establish a system that's ready to deliver our products globally.

Construction and industrial machinery

The world's strongest permanent magnet retarder is an unrivaled product developed through original leading-edge technology.

Less exhaust gas emissions and weight reduction are needed for large-size trucks and buses to respond to exhaust gas emissions regulations. NIPPON STEEL jointly with truck makers has promoted study on application method for the world's strongest permanent magnet to successfully develop a permanent magnet retarder (auxiliary brake) unrivaled in the world. NIPPON STEEL magnet retarder allows downsizing and lighter weight of retarders compared to the conventional retarder, and further realizes maintenance-free of retarder and long service life of peripheral devices. Its application is increasing overseas as well.

Rolling mill rolls for steel and nonferrous metals, to support manufacturing.

Rolling mill rolls for steel and nonferrous metals are indispensable for manufacturing. We provide high quality rolling mill rolls by employing outstanding forging technology. We make the most of our unique know-how, and meet customer needs by bringing together R&D, manufacturing, technology services, and sales to work as a team.

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