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Oil and gas drilling

The NIPPON STEEL brand of OCTG-Oil Country Tubular Goods & Line Pipe is world class.

Steel pipe used for energy exploitation and transport in harsh development environments such as severe cold regions with minus 60℃ temperatures and the deep seabed are required to have high strength,corrosion resistance, and toughness. As the world's top maker,NIPPON STEEL has received high regard and trust from customers by supplying advanced products that can withstand high-temperatures and corrosive environments during drilling and low-temperature environment during transport.

Offshore structures

Steel pipes continuously supporting offshore digging equipment for a long period with high quality and reliability.

The pipes made by NIPPON STEEL are being used at the section supporting leg part of the jack-up rig in equipment to extract fossil fuels including petroleum and gas deposited under the sea-bed. This section is composed of critical safety parts to continuously support rigs for a long period and requires high quality and reliability.

The steel pipes made by NIPPON STEEL improve workability during assembly and appearance due to high dimensional accuracy and quality in the pipe surface, and are highly appreciated by customers.

Piping and pipe lines

Steel pipes for piping made by NIPPON STEEL supporting development of urban areas and expansion of industries.

Steel pipes are used for a wide range of applications including line pipes for petroleum and gas and piping for plants, and play major roles in the development of urban areas and expansion of industries.
NIPPON STEEL is manufacturing steel pipes for various kinds of highly reliable piping under integrated management from raw materials to products by excellent technologies and various kinds of advanced, highly efficient pipe manufacturing equipment.

Electric and power plants

Specialty tubes and pipes are extensively used in thermal power plants worldwide, leading to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

It is essential that thermal power plants are efficiently operated with tight control of CO2 emissions. For that purpose, these plants require the tubes and pipes that are durable in the severe condition with high temperature and pressure. NIPPON STEEL specialty tubes and pipes contribute not only to the stable operation of thermal power plants, but also to the prevention of global warming by supplying reliable and quality products manufactured under extremely tight quality control.

Petrochemical and other plants

NIPPON STEEL stainless steel and Ni alloy steel pipes can handle harsh environments

NIPPON STEEL's stainless steel and Ni alloy steel tubes and pipes have outstanding properties in terms of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and low temperature characteristics, and they have long been used as materials to handle harsh environments in energy fields such as petroleum refining and petrochemistry.
Going forward, we will work to develop the original only-one of steel to meet cutting edge needs in increasingly harsh use environments, and advance technological innovation even further.

Construction and facilities

Steel pipe for construction and facilities, to help support safety and security, and contribute to the development of cities and industry

Due to the rising social need for safety assurance, cost effectiveness and aesthetics in recent years, many new characteristics have become necessary for steel pipes in fields such as civil engineering and construction. These include: earthquake resistance, high strength, high corrosion resistance, and good aesthetics.
Our rich history in developing steel pipes through advanced technology and research will surely customers needs.

Steel pipe for construction and facilities (in areas such as water, sewer and industrial water pipe; interior air-conditioning for offices, hospitals, schools, and factories; and pipe for disaster prevention and sanitation) is used in a wide range of lifeline infrastructure in our daily lives, and it plays a major role in developing safe and secure cities and industry. By using our outstanding technology and our various types of cutting edge high efficiency pipe manufacturing equipment, we can offer an extensive variety of highly reliable steel pipe based on integrated management of all steps from materials to final product.


High-strength steel tube, together with proposals of optimum processing technology, supports the safety of automobiles.

Steel tube, used as high grade automobile parts, are required to assure safety and weight reduction to lessen the environmental burden. NIPPON STEEL has a diverse selection from electric-resistance welded steel tube to seamless tube and can provide high-quality steel tube with compatible performances of high strength and good workability. In addition, we can meet customer requests by providing solutions involving applications and processing technologies.

Construction equipment and industrial machinery

Steel tube for highly functional, high quality machine structures made by integrated quality control from the material stage to tube manufacturing.

We manufacture steel tube for machine structures, suitable for construction equipment and industrial machinery applications. Through integrated quality management from the materials stage, we provide highly functional, high quality products to suit the needs of customers world wide.
These products are widely used in a variety of applications such as crane boom hydraulic cylinders, crawler bushes, and structural members for civil engineering and construction.


NIPPON STEEL steel pipes for ships, to support the great shipbuilding nation of Japan

The Japanese shipbuilding industry boasts the highest quality in the world. NIPPON STEEL supports Japanese shipbuilding by providing various types of high quality steel pipes, from small to large bore. MARILOY® steel pipe, one of our unique products, is used for cargo oil pipes and ballast pipes in tankers and other ships, and it saves steps and reduces costs by eliminating painting. We will continue to contribute to Japanese manufacturing by precisely responding to the needs of a variety of customers.

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