Relationship with Stakeholders

The Nippon Steel Group treasures its partnership with all its stakeholders and aims to improve its corporate value by enhancing its relationships with them through better communication.

Nippon Steel Group and its Stakeholders

At Nippon Steel, we aim to become a company trusted by all stakeholders including our customers, suppliers, and local communities at all times, and endeavor both to offer our shareholders and investors sufficient opportunities for communication and to ensure timely disclosure of information. We also strive to create workplaces in which employees can work with pride and enthusiasm.

Nippon Steel will continue to make social contribution activities that are closely tied to local communities, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities as a member of society. We are also actively promoting environmental activities with various organizations in local and international communities.

In particular, we find it important to make young people and their teachers, who are fostering future generations, understand and appreciate the importance of “monodzukuri (product manufacturing)” and our various initiatives on environmental issues.

Nippon Steel Group and its Stakeholders

Nippon Steel Group and its Stakeholders

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