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CORSPACE™ -Coating Cycle Extension Steel-

"CORSPACE™" substantially suppresses corrosion by addition of a small amount of tin. Compared to conventional steel, it has a longer span until repainting will be necessary, which will reduce the Life Cycle Cost.

Applicable standard

CORSPACE™ complies with JIS G 3101, JIS G 3106 and JIS G 3140.


Issues • Corrosion from coating pinhole part and deteriorated part • Corrosion from sharp edge part of element • In a severe salt damage environment, the maintenance cost and environmental load can be reduced by extending the recoating cycle.

Exhibits effect in coastal areas with severe salt injury.

Concept of CORSPACE application to a bridge of Japan

Advantages on order receipt, designing and manufacturing

  • We can serve you with the NETIS registration technology (KK-150056-VR certified in January 2021), technical proposals and construction performance rating.
  • The standard extras are described as “Corrosion Resistance Steel for Repainting Cycle Extension” in the Kensetsu Bukka (Construction Research Institute) and Sekisan Shiryou(Economic Research Association).
  • CORSPACE is listed as a “tin added steel” that can be used in Hanshin Expressway Company Limited “Part 2 Structural Design Standards (Bridge Edition)” (January 2021) and Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited “Bridge Structure Design/Construction Procedure”(June 2015).
  • CORSPACE conforms to all the JIS standards of steel plates used for bridges, and the plate manufacturable range is equivalent to that of conventional steel.
  • Various types of workability such as cutting, bending, and welding are equivalent to that for conventional steel.
  • We are lining up exclusive weld materials and bolts.

The peel-off area of the flawed part is small; and corrosion is suppressed.

Corrosion resistance properties(assessment through an acceleration test [SAE J2334 test])

The life-cycle cost can be decreased by reducing the coat repainting to once every 100 years.

Concept of life-cycle cost reduction

Examples of use

Kesennuma Bay Crossing Bridge

Yodogawa Bridge on National Route 2
(Deck Slab Replacement)

Makiminato Elevated Bridge
(Okinawa Prefecture)

Hanshin Expressway Sambo JCT

Higashi–Harima Nanboku Road
(Mizuashi Shintsuji No. 5 Viaduct)




  • Necessity and expected effect
  • Advantages
  • Features
  • Mechanism
  • Corrosion-resistant properties(acceleration test)
  • Corrosion-resistant properties(actual environment exposure test)
  • Recoating time extension effect
  • Examples of applications
    • Weld material
    • Bolt

Corrosion-resistant Steel Plates (1.98MB)PDFファイル

NIPPON STEEL’s Steel Products for Thermal Power Generation (4.30MB)PDFファイル

  • Proposing NIPPON STEEL's eco-friendly steel products for power plants
  • BT-HT
  • Hat-shaped Steel Sheet Pile / Hat-type and H-shape Combined High Stiffness Steel Sheet Pile

Steel Plates (1.55MB)PDFファイル

  • Features
  • Available Grades
  • Authorized Steel Grades by Product Type
  • Manufacturing Process and Quality Control Points
  • Thermo-Mechanical Control Process (TMCP)
  • 400 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (As-rolled) Available Sizes
  • 490 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (As-rolled) Available Sizes
  • 490 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (TMCP: Thermo-Mechanical Control Process) Available Sizes
  • Weldable High-tensile Strength Steel Plates: WEL-TENTM Series
  • Abrasion-resistant Steel Plates: ABREXTM Series
  • Abrasion-resistant Steel Plates for Low Temperatures: ABREXTM LT Series
  • Low-temperature Steel Plates: N-TUFTM Series
  • Sulfuric Acid-resisting Steel Plates: S-TENTM Series
  • Ni-Added Weathering Steel Plates: NAW-TENTM Series
  • Highly Corrosion-resisting Steel Plates: COR-TENTM Series
  • Corrosion-resistant Steel Plates for Export: COR-TENTM
  • High Tensile Steel Plates for Building Structures: BT–HT Series
  • Steel Plates for Elasto-plastic Hysteretic-type Dampers for Building Structures: BT-LYPTM
  • Electromagnetic Mild Steel Plates: NS–MIPTM
  • Information Required for Orders
  • Examples of Marking
  • Conclusions
  • Reference for Use of Steel Plates
  • Reference Tables of Standards
  • NIPPON STEEL Specifications Table of Correlations between Old and New Specifications

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