Steel plate


NSGP™ 1&2

NSGP™ features high performance as a highly corrosion-resistant steel plate for crude oil tankers under paint-free conditions. NSGP-1 is applied to the bottom plate section, and NSGP-2 is applied to the rear section. Both grades demonstrate the highest level of resistance for their respective corrosive environments.


NSafe™-Hull features high ductility, which has been improved through optimum use of Nippon Steel's original chemical composition design. N-Safe Hull can provide safer and more securer marine transport to various types of ships including tankers and cargo ships.


The ABREX™, Nippon Steel's abrasion resistant steel plate series, assures weldability, a wide lineup of specifications and sizes, the world's highest level of hardness and low temperature toughness (five times harder than mild steel). Nippon Steel can also provide full technological support.


Weathering Steel COR-TEN™ can overcome atmospheric corrosion by using it to form a protective layer on its surface.

Note : COR-TEN is a registered trademark of United States Steel Corp.


SBHS (Steel for Bridge High Performance Structures) features high-tensile strength steel which was developed based on the results of a joint project carried out by industry and academia for the purpose of reducing construction costs of steel bridges.


"CORSPACE™" substantially suppresses corrosion by addition of a small amount of tin. Compared to conventional steel, it has a longer span until repainting will be necessary, which will reduce the Life Cycle Cost.


NAW-TEN™ Series is steel featuring superior salt resistance under non-coating specifications (in an uncoated state or after rust stabilization treatment). It is applied in fields requiring high salt resistance such as bridges and other structures with non-coating specifications.


S-TEN™ is a sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid dew-point corrosion-resistant steel developed by Nippon Steel using proprietary technology. S-TEN exhibits the best resistance against corrosion found in ue-gas treatment equipment, coal- red boilers, waste incineration plants, etc.

High-tensile steel for offshore structures

High-tensile steel for offshore structures made by Nippon Steel has been supplied to numerous customers all over the world, and its high quality and timely delivery is highly appreciated by consumers.

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