Steel plate


Nickel-added high-performance weathering steel

The technology employed in the development of this steel received the Ichimura Industrial Contribution Award in 1999.


Superior weather-resistance in environments other than those covered under the JIS standards for weather-resistance.

Two types of nickel-added high-performance weathering steel are available to suit various environments and performance requirements.

  • Weather Resistance
  • Small-scale exposure testing

Current guidance for application of JIS weathering steel to road bridges in Japan

(Ministry of Construction Public Works Research Institute, Steel Club, Japan Bridge construction Association)

  • Airborne salts ≦ 0.05mdd (mg/dm2/day)
  • Measurement of airborne salts in the following regions may be omitted.

All other than the chemical constituents are covered by JIS weathering steel.

  • As with JIS weathering steel, a range is available for tensile strengths of 40 - 60 kilos.
  • As with JIS weathering steel, mechanical properties are guaranteed.
  • Steel plate sizes are similar to those for JIS weathering steel.

Comprehensive provision of utilization technology

  • We will provide comprehensive utilization technology for fabrication, and we develop high-strength bolts and special nickel-added welding materials for high-performance weathering steel.

Provision of technology for utilization of weathering steel

Applications for weathering steel require greater safety and security in minimum maintenance levels, and technology for a total solution.

  • In addition to the conventional windborne salts, the effects of temperature, humidity, and sulfates are considered in forecasting corrosion and wear of steel plate.*
  • The amount of corrosion in the first year is measured, and the corrosion environment is quantified using "Wappen test pieces."
  • Development to control initial streaming rust along with surface treatments (supplementary additives to stabilize rust)
  • Development of surface treatments with consideration for the landscape (colored)
  • As diagnostic equipment for management and maintenance, the RST (Rust State Tester) has been developed for rapid and simple measurement of the environmental protection functions of rust films and applied membranes.

* Awarded the 2005 Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka Award (technical papers section)

Examples of use

Hokuriku Shinkansen, Hokuriku Highway Overbridge (tentative title)

Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation (currently, the Rail and Transport Organization)
Niigata Prefecture, Japan Bridge format: Concrete and steel pipe beams (4 primary), and piers
Weather-resistant grade for steel:
V15 Surface specification: Treated with rust stabilizer additive


Steel Plates for Offshore Structures (7.09MB)PDFファイル

  • Steel Plates for Offshore Structures
  • Product Range
  • Manufacturing Process and Quality Control Points
    • Thermo–Mechanical Control Process(TMCP)
  • Improvement of HAZ Toughness
  • Primary Steel with Pre–Production Qualification
    • Grade 50~80 (YS355~550MPa)
    • Grade 100 (YS690MPa)
  • Welding Materials

Steel Plates (1.55MB)PDFファイル

  • Features
  • Available Grades
  • Authorized Steel Grades by Product Type
  • Manufacturing Process and Quality Control Points
  • Thermo-Mechanical Control Process (TMCP)
  • 400 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (As-rolled) Available Sizes
  • 490 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (As-rolled) Available Sizes
  • 490 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (TMCP: Thermo-Mechanical Control Process) Available Sizes
  • Weldable High-tensile Strength Steel Plates: WEL-TENTM Series
  • Abrasion-resistant Steel Plates: ABREXTM Series
  • Abrasion-resistant Steel Plates for Low Temperatures: ABREXTM LT Series
  • Low-temperature Steel Plates: N-TUFTM Series
  • Sulfuric Acid-resisting Steel Plates: S-TENTM Series
  • Ni-Added Weathering Steel Plates: NAW-TENTM Series
  • Highly Corrosion-resisting Steel Plates: COR-TENTM Series
  • Corrosion-resistant Steel Plates for Export: COR-TENTM
  • High Tensile Steel Plates for Building Structures: BT–HT Series
  • Steel Plates for Elasto-plastic Hysteretic-type Dampers for Building Structures: BT-LYPTM
  • Electromagnetic Mild Steel Plates: NS–MIPTM
  • Information Required for Orders
  • Examples of Marking
  • Conclusions
  • Reference for Use of Steel Plates
  • Reference Tables of Standards
  • NIPPON STEEL Specifications Table of Correlations between Old and New Specifications

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