2011.12.27 Sumitomo Metals Merges with Sumitomo Metals (Kokura) and Sumitomo Metals (Naoetsu) on January 1, 2012
2011.12.26 Sumitomo Metals Names A New Executive
2011.12.14 The Business Integration of Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metals Has Been Approved by the Japan Fair Trade Commission
2011.12.08 “SMart BEAM Floor Framing System” Obtains Technical Evaluation
- First Adopted Property is Constructed in Hokkaido, Japan -
2011.12.07 Sumitomo Metals Developed High Strength and High Corrosion Resistant Alloy, Super 17Cr OCTG for Ultra Deep Well Application
2011.12.07 Sumitomo Metals’ New Corporate Research & Development Laboratories Introduces State-of-the-Art Equipment to Lead Cutting-Edge Technology
- Will Lead to Customer Solutions in Shortest Time through Material Analysis at Atomic Level -
2011.11.17 Sumitomo Metals Conducts Disaster Drill
2011.11.09 Sumitomo Metals Receives Two Awards from Japan Institute of Metals for development of new non-leaded free cutting steel and high fatigue-resistant steel sheet
2011.11.02 Sumitomo Metals Receives Highest-Ranked “Best Partner Award” from Panasonic
2011.10.31 Consolidated Financial Results for the First Half of FY2011 (ending March 31, 2012)
2011.10.31 Notice Regarding Financial Results for the First Half of FY2011 and Revised Financial Forecasts for the Entire FY2011
2011.10.19 Sumitomo Metals' Corporate Research & Development Laboratories Completes Construction of New Research Building and New Laboratory
2011.10.12 Suspension of Electromagnetic Steel Sheet Processing Facilities in Thailand due to the Flood
2011.09.30 Notice Concerning Valuation Loss on Investment Securities for the Second Quarter of Fiscal 2011
2011.09.22 Execution of Master Integration Agreement between Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
2011.09.22 Sumitomo Metals Merges with Sumitomo Metals (Kokura) and Sumitomo Metals (Naoetsu)
2011.09.22 Sumitomo Metals Names New Executives
2011.09.22 Regarding Media Reports on Sumitomo Metals’ Merger with Nippon Steel
2011.09.09 China Steel Sumikin Vietnam Joint Stock Company holds Its Ground Breaking Ceremony
2011.09.02 Sumitomo Metals’s seamless pipe joint venture VSB in Brazil holds inauguration
2011.08.31 SMI Amtek decided to Install Second Forging Press Line
- Expansion of Forged Crankshaft Business in India -
2011.08.25 SSC Establishes New Coil Center in Iwate Prefecture
- Contribution to reconstruction of Tohoku region and Toyota Motor's production -
2011.08.10 Sumitomo Metals Acquires Certification for Its Improved Construction Method in Connecting H-Beams and Columns for Steel Frame Building
2011.07.28 Consolidated Financial Results for the First Quarter of FY2011 (ending March 31, 2012)
2011.07.28 Notice Regarding Forecasts for Financial Performances and Dividends
2011.07.15 Publication of Annual Report 2011
2011.07.08 Sumitomo Metals Receives World's First Order for H-SA700, Innovative Ultra-high Tensile Strength Steel - Realizing Safe Wide Span Space That Withstands Large Earthquakes -
2011.06.27 Sumitomo Metals to Acquire Standard Steel in U.S.
2011.06.20 Sumitomo Metals Receives Chairman’s Prize from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for its “Invention of Advanced Steam Oxidation-Resistant Steel Tube for Ultra-Supercritical (USC) Boilers” 
2011.06.17 Annual Report for 2011 is Published on Website
2011.05.20 Corrosion-Resistant Steel with Tin Added Is Newly Developed
2011.05.13 Sumitomo Metals Introduces Summertime Working Hours
2011.05.10 Sumitomo Metals Declares Dividend
2011.05.02 Kashima Steelworks’ Blast Furnaces Restore Normal Operation Status
2011.04.28 Sumitomo Metals Plans to Recover the Damage of Great East Japan Earthquake 
2011.04.28 Financial Results for FY2010 (year ended March 31, 2011)
2011.04.28 Sumitomo Metals Revised its Forecast for FY2010 Dividend
2011.04.28 Notice Regarding Revised Forecasts for FY2010 
2011.04.27 Notice Regarding Executive’s Assignment
2011.04.14 Sumitomo Metals Revises FY2010 Dividend Forecast 
2011.04.14 Sumitomo Metals Announces Estimated Loss Caused by East Japan Earthquake 
2011.04.13 Sumitomo Metals Restarts Operation of Hot Strip Mill at Kashima Steelworks
2011.04.06 Sumitomo Metals Restarts Plate Mill Rolling Operation
2011.03.31 Sumitomo Metals Group to Donate to Tohoku Earthquake Relief Efforts
2011.03.26 Sumitomo Metals Restarts Kashima No.1 Blast Furnace and Sumitomo Metals Kashima Thermal Power Station
2011.03.20 Kashima Steelworks Restarts Operation of its No. 3 Blast Furnace
2011.03.18 Kashima Steelworks Resumes Production of Lightweight Welded H-Beams
2011.03.15 Kashima Steelworks’ First Shipment after the Earthquake
2011.03.14 Sumitomo Metals Announces Effects of the Earthquake on Kashima Steelworks and its Responses
2011.03.13 Impact of the Earthquake of March 11

Kashima Steelworks is Currently Suspending its Operation
-Other Sites of Sumitomo Metals are Operating Normally-

2011.03.04 Sumitomo Metals Receives 57th Okochi Memorial Foundation Production Prize for “Development of Technologies that Extend Campaign Life of Blast Furnaces”
2011.02.25 Sumitomo Metals Plans to Revise Domestic Pricing of Seamless Pipes
2011.02.24 Sumitomo Metals Names New Executives
2011.02.21 Sumitomo Metals Achieves Cumulative Total Shipment of Steel Plates of 5 Million Tons to Hyundai Heavy, and Launches RORO Ship Designed for Transporting Steel Plates to Hyundai Heavy
2011.02.17 Sumitomo Metals and Sumitomo Corporation receive an order for steering bogies for new type of railcars of Ginza Line from Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
2011.02.04 Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Consolidated Financial Results for the 3rd Quarter of FY2010 (ending March 31, 2011)
2011.02.04 Notice Regarding Revised Forecasts for FY2010
2011.02.03 Commencement of Consideration of Business Integration of Nippon Steel Corporation and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.
2011.01.07 Regarding Media Reports on Sumitomo Metals' Business Forecast
2011.01.04 New Year Message from President Hiroshi Tomono

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