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Weathering Steel COR-TENTM

Weathering Steel COR-TENTM has overcome rust, which is the weakest point of steel, in a unique manner, by actually using rust.

Note: COR-TENTM is a registered trademark of United States Steel Corp.


  • Weathering Steel COR-TENTM has overcome rust, which is the weakest point of steel, in a unique manner, by actually using rust.
  • When COR-TEN with bare specifications is left in the atmosphere, rust occurs first in the same way as ordinary steel, but dense protective rust forms on the surface of the steel due to the action of the alloy element over time, inhibiting the later development of further rust.

Weather resistance

  • Since COR-TEN has excellent weather resistance, it can be used without any coating.
  • It provides not only the economic effect of a reduction of recoating cost, but an aesthetic effect with sedate color of protective rust.

Coating property

  • The coating film has a long life, and the recoating cost can be reduced.


  • Welding is easy using any method of manual welding or submerged arc welding, etc.
  • Spot welding is also possible for thin materials.


  • COR-TEN can be subjected to cold working, hot working, and gas cutting in a similar way as ordinary steel with the same strength level.

Aging of rust

COR-TEN exhibits a yellowish appearance in the initial stage of use, and the color gradually changes to brown. Then, as it sits in its surrounding environment, the color changes to a sedate blackish brown in one to two years. Then, the color changes very little once again, but only to a deep brown.

Examples of use

Unpainted use (Bare)

Hokkaido Centennial Memorial Tower (Hokkaido)

Oct. 1969

1973 (4 years after completion)

1991 (22 years after completion)

2010 (41 years after completion)

Unpainted use (Complementary Rust Stabilization Treatment)

No.2 Hozugawa Bridge (Kyoto)

Sep. 2006 (18 years after completion)

Painted use

Tomari Bridge (Okinawa)

Nov. 2004 (19 years after completion)


VINCOR(VINtage COR-ten)is a product to consider the initial color tone with a state of being aged from shipment. VINCOR is sold by Chikumakozai Co., Ltd (Tel: 81-47-354-5721).

Entrance of a restaurant

The color tone is quantified and reproduced.

※By using the index numbers that have a high correlation with colors, the color tone is quantified and reproduced.


COR-TEN (5.07MB)PDFファイル

  • Saving Maintenance Cost
  • Features
  • Weather Resistance
    • Exposure Test Results
    • Secular Changes in Rust Appearance
  • Application Examples
    • Unpainted use (Bare)
    • Unpainted use (Complementary Rust Stabilization Treatment)
    • Painted use
    • VINCOR
  • Specification
    • Steel Grades and Features
    • Chemical Composition
    • Mechanical Properties
  • Characteristic Properties
    • Chemical Composition
    • Mechanical Properties
    • Impact Properties
    • Abrasion Resistance
    • Weldability
    • Weld Joint Properties
    • Workability
    • Physical Properties
  • Joint Materials
    • Welding Materials
    • Bolt Joints

Steel Plates (1.55MB)PDFファイル

  • Features
  • Available Grades
  • Authorized Steel Grades by Product Type
  • Manufacturing Process and Quality Control Points
  • Thermo-Mechanical Control Process (TMCP)
  • 400 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (As-rolled) Available Sizes
  • 490 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (As-rolled) Available Sizes
  • 490 N/mm2-class Tensile Strength Steel Plates (TMCP: Thermo-Mechanical Control Process) Available Sizes
  • Weldable High-tensile Strength Steel Plates: WEL-TENTM Series
  • Abrasion-resistant Steel Plates: ABREXTM Series
  • Abrasion-resistant Steel Plates for Low Temperatures: ABREXTM LT Series
  • Low-temperature Steel Plates: N-TUFTM Series
  • Sulfuric Acid-resisting Steel Plates: S-TENTM Series
  • Ni-Added Weathering Steel Plates: NAW-TENTM Series
  • Highly Corrosion-resisting Steel Plates: COR-TENTM Series
  • Corrosion-resistant Steel Plates for Export: COR-TENTM
  • High Tensile Steel Plates for Building Structures: BT–HT Series
  • Steel Plates for Elasto-plastic Hysteretic-type Dampers for Building Structures: BT-LYPTM
  • Electromagnetic Mild Steel Plates: NS–MIPTM
  • Information Required for Orders
  • Examples of Marking
  • Conclusions
  • Reference for Use of Steel Plates
  • Reference Tables of Standards
  • NIPPON STEEL Specifications Table of Correlations between Old and New Specifications

Corrosion-resistant Steel Plates (1.98MB)PDFファイル

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