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Electric Resistance-welded Steel Tubes for Boilers and Heat Exchangers

Nippon Steel has established a special electric resistance-welded tube factory dedicated to high-grade tubes and pipes for boilers and plants in order to conduct the full-scale production of high-grade electric resistance-welded (ERW) steel tubes and pipes equivalent to seamless steel tubes and pipes.

Seamless Steel Tubes and Pipes for Boilers

We have been manufacturing boiler steel tubes and pipes used in all fields, mainly power generation boilers, up to the present day, ever since we first started manufacturing seamless steel tubes for boilers for the first time in Japan in 1912.

Hot Extruded Steel Shapes

Nippon Steel installed the hot extrusion press at its Hikari Works in 1960. Based on the many years of research and development, we have established a sophisticated hot extrusion production system with high-quality steel shapes. Currently, these shapes are highly evaluated by our customers.

MARILOYTM S-400 steel pipe

Nippon Steel's MARILOYTM S-400 steel pipe is a steel product containing 1% chromium for enhanced corrosion resistance when used in or on the ocean.The addition of chromium produces an effect in which the rust layer on the surface prevents oxygen from infiltrating the base metal, thus inhibiting corrosion to half or less compared to ordinary steel.

Seamless Pipes and Tubes for the Chemical Industry (Stainless Steel and Ni-based Alloys)

Nippon Steel's stainless steel and Ni-based alloy pipes and tubes have superior corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and low-temperature mechanical properties, and have been used as raw materials that can withstand harsh environments as seen in petroleum refining, petroleum chemistry, and energy fields, such as power and gas.

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