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Fe-36% Nickel alloy with low thermal expansion coefficient (Invar alloy)

[Chemical Composition LC-36Ni]

Chemical Composition (mass%)

Typical example Cmax Ni
0.030 36

Physical Property

Typical example Thermal expansion coefficient ( ×10-6/K)
≦2.0 (20 - 100℃)

Mechanical Properties

0.2%-Proof Strength
Tensile Strength
Specification ≧240 440 - 550 ≧30
Typical example 304 461 37


  • The coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small from low temperature to intermediate temperature.(one-tenth of that of SUS304)
  • Austenite sructure is stable and it has soft nature, less work- hardening and excellent workability.

Relationship between temperature and thermal expansion coefficient

Cold rolling-rate and change of hardness
The relationship between cold rolling reduction and vickers hardness

Product Form


Examples of use

Precision equipment, precision measuring instrument, bi-metallic strip, LNG container, magnetic shielding, magnetic shunt alloy

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