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Nickel base alloy which is resistant to corrosion by high temperature alkali and high temperature water and has excellent oxidation resistance.

[Chemical Composition 15Cr-75Ni] [ Corresponding Standard NCF600 / ASTM UNS N06600] (INCONEL Alloy 600 equivalent)

Chemical Composition (mass%)

Typical exampleCPSCrNiFe
≦0.15 ≦0.030 ≦0.015 15 remnant 8

Mechanical Properties

0.2%-Proof Strength
Tensile Strength
Specification ≧245 ≧550 ≧30 ≦89
Typical example 364 666 35 88


  • This nickel alloy can be used in various intense corrosive environments at high temperatures.
  • This alloy shows excellent oxidation resistance up to 1180 ℃.
  • In addition to excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, this alloy has both high strength and workability, and can be strengthened by cold working.
  • This alloy shows excellent mechanical properties even at low temperatures.
  • Anti-stress corrosion cracking due to chloride ion and corrosion resistance to pure water are good, so this alloy is used for parts for nuclear reactors.
  • This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance against alkali at high temperature.
Example of the service temperature of NAR-600 for various atmospheres
ConditionsAllowable temperature
Gas atmosphere
  • Atmosphere (Sulfide atmosphere)
Max 1150℃
Max 810℃
  • CO2gas
    Atmosphere (Sulfide atmosphere)
Max 1150℃
Max 810℃
  • Chlorine gas
Max 510℃
  • Hydrogen chloride gas
Max 480℃
  • Water vapor
    Carburizing atmosphere
    Nitriding atmosphere
Max 980℃
840 - 980℃
480 - 560℃
Moltern salt, Neutral salt bath
840 - 950℃
Max 816℃
Liquid metal Na, K (still state)
Hg (still state)
Max 700℃
480 - 560℃

Corrosion resistance to NaOH boiling solution.

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Examples of use

Muffle for heating furnace, electronic equipment parts, heat exchanger component, chemical/food equipment, carburizing basket, nuclear reactor parts, caustic soda manufacuturing equipment, sheath heater, expansion joints.

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