Sports and consumer products

Our titanium serves not only to be supplied as materials but also provides appropriate solutions for customers in selecting materials to meet their productization needs and in overcoming challenges in processing. Our titanium is currently used in various products.


High specific strength

  • Lightweight and High-strength. The following properties of titanium contribute to improving the performance of sporting gears, such as golf clubs.

Density and strength of various materials

Aestheticcs and status

  • Our titanium can be flexibly ready for a wide variety of design needs through various combinations of surface textures and anodising technologies. In addition, using titanium imparts a sense of status to the product due to its image of being rare.

Color chart of anodised titanium


  • Titanium does not cause elution of metal ions and is highly bio-friendly, and thus is widely used in the medical field. It also is a very eco-friendly material.

Titanium used inside the human body (artificial bone)

Low specific heat capacity and low thermal conductivity

  • Titanium does not feel cold even in winter due to its low specific heat capacity. It also is excellent in retaining heat thanks to its low thermal conductivity.

Titanium tumbler

Application and adoption examples

Titanium accessories

Titanium golf clubs

Titanium wrist watches

Titanium glasses

Titanium digital cameras

Titanium ski poles

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