Titanium alloys for connecting rods and engine valves

For their excellent properties, the high strength titanium alloys we have developed using our original chemical composition series are widely adopted for production vehicles, especially for motorcycles, in connecting rods (conrods), engine valves, and other parts.


Chemical Composition designing

  • Our original alloys, Super-TIXTM series uses inexpensive generic additive elements (e.g., iron (Fe), copper (Cu), silicon (Si), oxygen (O)) instead of expensive additive elements whose prices drastically fluctuate depending on market sentiment, such as vanadium (V), chromium (Cr) and nickel (Ni). These titanium alloys are almost as strong as the representative high strength titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V.

Relationship between the strength and ductility of commercially pure titanium and titanium alloys

Hot workability

  • Our Super-TIXTM51AF has better property in hot workability than the commonest high strength titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, and allows for manufacturing of hot rolled coils that Ti-6Al-4V is not capable of.

Hot rolled coils made of Super-TIXTM51AF


  • Super-TIXTM51AF has approximately 50% higher specific strength (tensile strength/density) than SCM430 which is commonly used for motorcycle or automobile connecting rods.

* Density (g/cm3): Super-TIXTM51AF - 4.43, SCM430 - 7.86

Fatigue properties

  • Super-TIXTM523AFM indicates higher room-temperature strength and fatigue strength than Ti-6Al-4V.

Application and adoption examples

Our original titanium alloy Super-TIXTM51AF was adopted for the connecting rods of Yamaha's sport motorcycle YZF-R1.

Intake engine valves made of titanium alloy (Super-TIXTM523AFM)

Connecting rod made of titanium alloy (Super-TIXTM51AF)

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