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Leading the New Era on Steel Sheet Pile with Pioneer Spirits

The steel sheet piles of NIPPON STEEL are used in many fi elds (port and harbor structures, river revetments, retaining walls and cofferdams) and have acquired high market acceptance due to their excellent product quality and construction effi ciencies that derive from their use.
NIPPON STEEL, drawing a wealth of rolling, fabrication and construction methods in these fi elds, which have also won for the company a high reputation.
Based on an accumulation of technical expertise, NIPPON STEEL has developed and placed on the market solution proposal using all our available products at a maximum.
NIPPON STEEL will continue its efforts to develop novel products that bring the properties of sheet piles into full play and to respond to more stringent and diversifying user needs in the future.


Wide Selection of Shapes and Types

Sheet pile is available in a wide range of section modulus per meter of pile wall, ranging from 874 to 21,846 cm³/m. This allows selection of the most economical type of sheet pile to meet the design requirements and the intended construction method.

Superb Drivability and Watertightness

The clearance between the two threaded interlocks is moderate enough to ensure both excellent drivability and reliable watertightness.

Production process


Hat-type sheet piles

  • Superb drivability
    The large sectional area of the Hat-type sheet pile realizes superior drivability.
  • High structural reliability
    No reduction is required in sectional properties to consider the possible lack of shear force transmission at the interlocks, which is true for U-type steel sheet piles.
  • Excellent cost-effectiveness
    The amount of steel per unit wall can be reduced, resulting in improved total cost.

U-type sheet piles

  • U-type sections have been widely used for various types of permanent and temporary structures, and are one of the most familiar sheet piles among both designers and users.
  • NS-SP-Ⅱ,Ⅲ,ⅢA,Ⅳ,ⅤL and ⅥL are solidly designed. These sections are especially suitable for repeated use, and have acquired high market acceptance from users.
  • U-type sections offer section modulus ranging from 874 cm3/m to 3,820 cm3/m.

Corner-section Sheet Piles: As Rolls

High reliability
  • Corner-section sheet piles are a newly developed type produced by rolling, to replace the conventional T-shape corner-sheet piles produced by welding. Thus, these eliminate the need for welding and other fabrication processes and are far lighter in weight.
  • For assembly, the conventional cast equipment can be used as-is.
  • In particular, Larssen sheet piling has been adopted as a base for the shape of corner joints, in order to prevent detachment, and therefore, particularly, joint performance such as fitment and repetition endurance is excellent.


  • Close-proximity installation
    NS-SP-J piles can be installed in close proximity to existing structures, permitting the construction of retaining walls abutting site boundaries and making maximum use of the site area.
  • 100% intelock integrity
    As interlocks are located on the outermost side of the wall, there is no need to consider the reduction of sectional properties due to slip on interlocks, and this permits economical design.
  • Cost-saving and Work-shortening of Temporary Work
    Cost-saving and the shortening of temporary work time Compared to conventional steel sheet piles for temporary work with an effective width of 400 mm, NS-SP-J has an effective width of 600 mm. This makes it possible to reduce the number of installed piles, with less cost and improved water tightness.

Straight web-type sheet piles

  • This type of sheet pile boasts extremely high tensile strength at its interlocking sections, up to 5.88 MN per linear meter of joint length, and is suited for use in cellular-type structures, such as quay walls, manmade island seawalls, cofferdams, and other similar projects.
    In addition, we can provide the longest product currently possible: a maximum of 38.0 m.



  • 1. General
    • (1) Usage
    • (2) Example of solution proposed by us
    • (3) Product lineup
    • (4) Grade and tolerances
    • (5) Production process
    • (6) Our engineering support system
  • 2. Products
    • (1) Hat-type sheet pile
    • (2) Hat-type and H-shape combined high stiffness steel sheet piles
    • (3) Straight web-type sheet piles
    • (4) Steel sheet pile cell method
    • (5) U-type sheet piles
    • (6) Combined walls
    • (7) NS-SP-J
    • (8) Corner-section sheet piles : As rolls
  • 3. Attachment
    • (1) Corner-section sheet pile
    • (2) Tie rod, guide frame, coping
    • (3) Driving method
    • (4) Joint method
    • (5) Watertightness
    • (6) Anticorrosion system

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