The NIPPON STEEL Group connects the development area with the consumer area by providing products/technologies achieving long distance and large transportation. It contributes to the stable supply of energy.

Line pipe

Two performances are required for line pipe: resistance to super-high hydraulic pressure and low-temperature toughness, where breakage by ocean current, crustal movement, etc. is difficult. This deep-sea X70-grade steel pipe, which has compound characteristics of technically difficult performances, has been used for the Mediterranean Sea pipeline (between Spain and Algeria) for the first time in the world.

Product with the world's highest strength

We have developed line pipe X120 with the world's highest strength jointly with Exxon Mobil. High strength can make natural gas highly pressurized. This enables long-distance and large-volume transportation. Also, the structure itself can be weight-lightened. In this way, the installation cost can be greatly reduced.

Proving excellent corrosion resistance performance

We have proven the corrosion resistance performance of Super 13 chrome stainless steel pipe for line pipe jointly with Royal Dutch Shell. We provide not only the product, but also provide improvement of product reliability, reduction of total cost including local construction, and solutions including construction technology.

Pipeline in shields

A conduit with pressure of 1 Mpa or more is called a high-pressure pipeline. A special underground tunnel is built to cross rivers/bays, mountain areas, or dense city areas and a pipeline is placed in the tunnel. We provide high-quality and high-pressure pipeline based on the conduit design and construction technology proven by the welding technique from our steel pipe production technology, long-standing record, and technology development.



High-ductility plate "NSafe™-Hull" with advanced metal ductile property and unique composition design. Workability (cutting, bending, welding, and coating) equivalent to conventional steel is achieved. Safe and reliable marine transportation is achieved not only by tankers or bulk carriers but also by various ships.


To prevent corrosion of the cargo oil tank of an oil tanker, which may cause a serious accident including oil leakage, Nippon Steel has developed high-corrosion-resistance plate "NSGP™-1 (bottom plate)" and "NSGP™-2 (back of upper deck)" for oil tankers, and they show high corrosion resistance performance without coating. Both products show maximum corrosion resistance by adding a trace amount of alloy.

NSSC™ 2120

Alloy-saving-type duplex stainless steel "NSSC™ 2120" (ASTM UNSS82122) of Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation is excellent in resource saving by reduced addition of nickel or molybdenum, which are rare metals, and in cost stability. While maintaining corrosion resistance against chloride including seawater, weldability is greatly improved. A light-weight design with strength double that of conventional steel has been achieved.

Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation

MARILOY S-400 steel pipe

Steel material with addition of 1% chromium to improve corrosion resistance in the sea. With the addition of chromium, the rust layer on the surface prevents entry of oxygen into the base metal. Progress of corrosion can be half or less compared to normal steel. It is suitable for seawater piping, gas coolers specified for seawater, and ocean structures.


(Ultra) Low temperature steel for LNG tanks

Since LNG is stored at a very low temperature of minus 162°C, the storage tank steel plate requires high safety against fracture and strength even at very low temperatures. 9% nickel steel plate excellent in these properties has been used over half a century. While reducing the amount of nickel, which is a rare metal, by about 20%, we have developed 7% nickel steel plate, for the first time in the world,which has high performance equivalent to conventional products.