Power generation

The Nippon Steel Group has a wide range of steel materials resistant to high temperature or high pressure, and advanced steel materials contributing to highly efficient power generation. This provides strong support for power generation plants.

Nickel steel plate for LNG tanks

Supporting expanding LNG demand

Tank sizes have recently become large to improve the storage efficiency. Our ultra-thick 9% nickel steel plate is excellent in toughness at low temperatures and has contributed to large size. Lately, we have developed "7% nickel steel plate" achieving high safety and strength equivalent to conventional steel, while reducing the amount of nickel, for the first time in the world.

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Stainless steel pipe for ultra-supercritical-pressure boilers

Nippon Steel's international standard materials contribute to improvement in the power generation efficiency

Development and use of our stainless steel pipe SUPER 304H for ultra-supercritical pressure boilers (*) has achieved highly efficient coal thermal power generation using high-temperature and high-pressure steam. It contributes to reduction in CO2 emissions as a global-standard material from Japan.

* Ultra-supercritical pressure boiler: A boiler that is operated at high temperature and high pressure exceeding the critical pressure of water to improve power operation efficiency is called an ultra-supercritical pressure boiler. Ultra-supercritical pressure is used to further improve power generation efficiency by enhancing the temperature/pressure conditions.

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Ultra-thick heavy steel plate for medium/high temperatures

Supporting a next-generation high-efficiency power generation system

Integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC*) is a next-generation high-efficiency power generation system that greatly improves the power generation efficiency compared to conventional coal thermal power generation. Mainly around the coal gasification facilities of IGCC, our thick plate (180 mm in thickness, 30 tons in single weight) is used for ultra-thick heavy steel plate for medium/high temperatures required in environments up to about 500°C.

* IGCC: Integrated coal gasification combined cycle

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Titanium welded pipe/plate for condensers

To cool steam with seawater

A condenser is a system that returns the high-temperature high-pressure steam used for operation of steam turbines in thermal power generation plants by heat exchange with coolant. Since a large volume of coolant is used, power generation plants are built near a river or the sea. If seawater is used for coolant, titanium welded pipe/thick plate excellent in corrosion resistance is used.

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1,000°C-class heat-resistant stainless steel sheet

Supporting high temperature of thermal power generation facilities

Our NSSMC -NAR -AH -4 is excellent in resistance to high temperature or oxidation and it is used for heat-resistant structure members of various power generation plants with increasing high temperature. In a highly oxidized atmosphere containing high-temperature vapor, NSSMC -NAR-AH-7, which has improved oxidation resistance, is used. Since it is excellent in oxidation resistance, durability can be obtained if thickness can be reduced. In this way, an exhaust heat recovery system that can be used in harsh environments was achieved.

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Preventing corrosion by oxidized substances in exhaust gas

In the exhaust system of coal thermal power generation plants, traces of oxidized substances found in high-temperature exhaust gas generate condensation, resulting in corrosion of materials. Our S-TEN™ shows excellent performance against sulfuric acid/hydrochloric acid dew-point corrosion.

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High-corrosion-resistance stainless steel

NSSC260, NSSC270, and NSSC272 of Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Corporation are products with sulfuric acid-/hydrochloric acid-resistant ions higher than normal stainless steel. They are used for interior stack materials, boiler materials, and materials for flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems.

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