SYNERGIA™ Creating Smart Solutions
Value Innovation for Future Generations using the "steel x method" solution

By combining Nippon Steel's steel and customers' processing method, we have contributed to improving the value and productivity of customers' products including the omission of processing and heat treatment, and enhancement of strength and weight reduction of products.

We consider the synergy effect with our customers the most valuable goal of our Bar & Wire Rod Unit, and we would like to continue to offer joint development and solution proposals.

Based on this background, we collectively named the brand of our solution products, which produce new values with the "steel x method" model, SYNERGIA.

We will deliver the following solutions to customers in order to embody the value of SYNERGIA in different fields.

  • Joint development of new products using the "steel x method" business model.
  • Integrated proposals of steel and solutions using our Gr advanced technologies.

SYNERGIA Steel of Nippon Steel / XSTEELIA high-end product range / High basic quality steel / Single-use steel technology × Manufacturing method of customers / Mutual cooperation with customers Mutual cooperation with customers / High performance steel that shows its true value in the secondary and tertiary processing

Solutions (technologies) that embody SYNERGIA

We are working on research including usage technologies and solution technologies that support the working processes of customers. We will provide proposals for the omission of customers' working processes, cost reduction and functional improvement of parts.

Examples that embody SYNERGIA

Introducing part of the examples that contributed to the improvement of product value using the "steel & method" solution.

Examples Click here for examples of SYNERGIA™