About SteeLinC™

SteeLinC™is a brand of the Bar & Wire Rod Unit of the NIPPON STEEL Corporation.

Brand Statement

The Bar & Wire Rod Unit of Nippon Steel has accumulated experience in manufacturing including processing and the technologies used in processing. Based on this, we are committed to increase the value and productivity of customers' products through the provision of the world's most advanced steel bar and wire rod products and the creation of values resulting from the combination of our steel and customers' manufacturing method.


Innovation of next-generation values through the multiplication of "steel materials × processing methods"

Steel of Nippon Steel / XSTEELIA high-end product range / High basic quality steel / Single-use steel technology × Manufacturing method of customers / Mutual cooperation with customers Mutual cooperation with customers / High performance steel that shows its true value in the secondary and tertiary processing

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High-end products created through our pursuit of the "full potential of steel"

A challenge to unknown areas, unlimited potential 1.EXTREME Ultimate steel developed by pursuing its highest limit / Performance that endures harsh processing and usage conditions. 2.EXCELLENCE Excellence using top-level technologies. / Ultrahigh strength, high purity, uniformity / Excellent environmental performance 3.EXCEPTIONAL Quality management improving the perfection / Advanced quality management system and integrated traceability 4.EXPERT Credibility from professional skill and integrity / Reliability and safety, improvement capability

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Strength in advanced technologies and on-site competence(i.e., strength in basic quality)

Nippon Steel Group's on-site competence and craftsmanship / Professional skill, experienced technique, artisanship / Passion for manufacturing better products / Integrated quality management for reliability and safety / Innovation that generates new values

  • Basic quality
    • Chemical components, quenching capability, surface flaw, decarbonation, non-metal inclusion, central segregation, accuracy of size, etc.
  • Quality assurance system
    • Thorough process management and traceability from steel manufacturing to final products.
    • Quality assurance using a cutting-age and advanced inspection device, excellent distribution quality integrating manufacturing and sales, etc.