Deliver products as requested thourough quality management and traceability

Integrated traceability system

Manufacturing history can be traced by a steel material product unit.

Steel materials are manufactured under strict quality control. The manufacturing history can be traced back to the rolling and steelmaking process by one product unit*, which ensures the reliability and safety of products.

  • Wire rod: 1 coil unit, steel bar: shifted from 1 lot unit to an integrated management system.

Single bar management : First in the industry! Up to approximately 200 bars are menufactured form a single billet. In the past,accurate tacking after the cutting process was difficult. Our system can conduct a trace back to the casting section for even a single bar, based on our own in-house technologies. Steel-making Blooming Rolling Attaching an identification code to each bar

Quality management during transport

We deliver flawless products.

We utilize automated high-rise warehouses to store rolled coils, in order to avoid accidental flaws or rust.For transportation, we have introduced small roll-on/roll-off ships for steel bars and wire rods. Products are directly loaded onto and unloaded from such ships using pallets, which reduces handling time.

Roll-on/Roll-off ship