SYNERGIA™ Creating Smart Solutions
A List of Technical Solutions

Cutting technology

We are working on simulations to evaluate the machinability of steel materials using various cutting techniques (such as turning and drilling). We are proposing to customers not only new materials with improved machinability but also cutting conditions for those materials.

Cutting test (turning) / Observation of chip forms (the left-hand side chips are good) / In-situ cutting observation


Forging technology

By making full use of our state-of-the-art forging testing machines and simulation technology, we are engaged in research and development on the optimum design of forging processes and the prediction of critical cracking stress during forging.

Multi-axis cold-forging testing machine / Examples of forging analysis / Pinion shaft


Secondary and tertiary processing techniques

We are also working on technical development in the fields of secondary and tertiary processing, including wire drawing. In addition, we are proposing steel products which will demonstrate their true value when processed and heat treated by customers, such as steel wire rods for high-strength steel cord.

Tire cross-section / TEM-analysis result of steel cord microstructure / Multi-pass steel cord drawing machine

Heat treatment technology

By making full use of our state-of-the-art heat treatment testing facility and simulation-based predictions of heat treatment distortion, we provide customers with recommended heat treatment conditions. By utilizing a huge amount of material property data, which is one of the strengths of a steel maker, heat treatment distortion can be predicted for any type of steel material.

Vacuum carburizing furnace (testing facility) / Examples of gear heat treatment distortion analysis