On-site Competence

On-site capability that supports advanced technologies

Artisans of Nippon Steel

Introduction of our prominent craftsmen

Our site workers strive to acquire the world's top level skills in order to manufacture high-quality products. Many of our skilled workers have received honorable recognition from the government such as the Contemporary Master Craftsman*1 or Medal with Yellow Ribbon*2.

  1. *1Contemporary Master Craftsman: recognition given to those who contributed to the development of industry with excellent skills.
  2. *2Medal with a Yellow Ribbon: recognition given to those who have persevered in a task on the front lines and have acquired skills or made achievements that can be a role model for others.

Press releases on recognition

Developing human resources at manufacturing sites

We will continue to pass down the world's top level skills to future generations.

We are committed to improving the skills of each worker who manufactures products in order to build steel materials, which are designed using advanced technologies, with elaborate work in a precise and stable manner. We train workers to become an "artisan" with a high level of skill through the integrated program, who fulfill the demands of customers.