We deliver proposals and services for our customers' construction process.

Our Proposals

Solution proposals through our steel materials and the customer's construction method

We consider the synergy effect with our customers the most valuable goal of our Bar & Wire Rod Unit, and thereby provide a comprehensive solution by combining our steel materials and the customer's construction method based on our strength in technologies, quality, supply system and skilled workers.
Our aim is to contribute to improving the value of our customers' products through continuous joint development and solution proposals.

Our strength that realizes the "proposals" of customers

Proposals using our integrated strength

We continue to deliver solution proposals to our customers with our integrated strength – workers with advanced skills as well as technologies, quality and the supply system supported by them.

Examples of Proposals

Example 1: Steel for cracking connecting rod

We propose an appropriate method for steel for high-strength cracking connecting rod, which contributes to customers' saving of processes, reducing environmental burden and contributing to the high strength of their products.

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Conventional connecting rod (5 processes) : ①②Hammering and cutting two parts separately ③Processing of matching surface ④Positioning pin ⑤Bolt tightening Matching surface /Developed cracking connecting rod (3 processes)①Hammering and cutting as one piece ②Cracking Cracking (experimental device) ③Bolt tightening Matching surface(cracked) Increased fatigue strength Reduced weight

Example 2: Wire rod for bridge cables (reduced environmental loads)

The heat treatment incorporated in our production line enables customers to omit a process (LP, lead patenting) on their side. In addition to that, our highly productive and environmentally-responsive manufacturing method realizes a balanced manufacturing of wire rod in terms of strength, toughness and ductility.

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Wire rod manufacturing process (Nippon Steel) / Wire manufacturing process (customer)
Around 3,000 to 20,000 tons of wires are used per bridge.
 Hot rolling Cooling and heat treatment Heat treatment Wire drawing Hot dipping Conventional method Productivity with LP: 1,000t/month/factory CO2 Emissions:CO2100kg/t-steel Current development Productivity with DLP: 30,000t/month/factory(Improved 30 times over) CO2 emissions:CO2 30kg/t-steel(Reduced by 70%)