Flexible delivery

Our wide range of delivery capabilities

Stable supply system with multiple steelworks

Multiple steelworks provide strong supply capabilities.

Our Bar & Wire Rod Unit is manufacturing steel bar and wire rods in 5 plants in Japan. This contributes to customers' BCP (business continuity plan) in preparation for a contingency.

About multiple works system

Muroran Works(Manufactured products: steel bar, wire rod) / Yawata Works(Manufactured products: steel bar, wire rod) / Wakayama Works(Manufactured products: steel bar) / Kimitsu Works(Manufactured products: wire rod) / Kamaishi Works(Manufactured products: wire rod) / Blast furnace + Rolling mill / Rolling

Global secondary processing networks

We deliver products with high added value to customers in cooperation with secondary processing manufacturers.

We are expanding sales offices and production bases focused on secondary processing in major regions around the world.
An elaborate combination of materials and processing in each region ensures that reliable, high-class and high-quality products are delivered to our customers.

Global Network

Product transport system for global markets

Delivering products all over the world

Shown below are part of the main destinations of products in our global transport network. Feel free to contact us for destinations not shown on the map.

Main destinations

  • China
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Mexico
  • USA

Stable and reliable product transport system

Stable transport not affected by weather

We have also introduced all-weather berths for stable delivery, which allow us to stably transport products without being influenced by weather.

All-weather berth in Muroran Works
All-weather berth in East Nippon Works Kamaishi area