SYNERGIA™ Creating Smart Solutions
Technical Solutions for Cutting

Using "x method" cutting technology, our steel materials can be cut accurately in any site environment

Based on MAESTRIA™
Laboratory-based in-situ chip observation

Based on our in-situ observation of chip formation, we can propose recommendations about the form and composition of machinability-improving inclusions, the optimization of base steel microstructure, and even cutting conditions best suited for the customer's process.

Bad: bumpy chips (conventional lead-free steel)

Good: smooth chips (conventional lead-containing steel)

Based on MAESTRIA™
Cutting surface temperature measurements (thermography)

Temperature measurements during the cutting process will be fed back to steel material designs and cutting conditions.

Cutting surface temperature measurements (thermography)

[Cutting temperature measurement of an MQL drill]

The surface temperature of the work went up to around 500ºC, and we needed to take into consideration the material hardness at high temperatures and the melting points of inclusions contained in the material.

Cutting temperature measurement of an MQL drill