XSTEELIA™ Catalyst for Steel Innovation
High-end product range developed through the pursuit of the ultimate potential of steel

In pursuit of a high-end product range that realizes the ultimate potential of steel, we have released innovative new products that contribute to high strength, high durability, omission of processes and environmental response of final products.

We will continue to strive to fulfill the needs of society and provide the world’s most advanced steel products.

Based on this background, our Gr technical development aims for the following 4 values, and the brand of products that embody these values are collectively known as XSTEELIA™.

  • EXTREME (Ultimate steel developed by pursuing its utmost limit)
  • EXCELLENCE (Excellence using top-level technologies)
  • EXCEPTIONAL (Quality management improving on perfection)
  • EXPERT (Credibility from professional skill and integrity)

In the future, we will develop a range of XSTEELIA™ products and commit to the highest efficiency and performance of the special steel.

XSTEELIA A challenge to unknown areas, unlimited potential 1.EXTREME Ultimate steel developed by pursuing its highest limit / Performance that endures harsh processing and usage conditions. 2.EXCELLENCE Excellence using top-level technologies. / Ultrahigh strength, high purity, uniformity / Excellent environmental performance 3.EXCEPTIONAL Quality management improving the perfection / Advanced quality management system and integrated traceability 4.EXPERT Credibility from professional skill and integrity / Reliability and safety, improvement capability

Examples that embodyXSTEELIA

Introducing part of the examples that contributed to the improvement of product value with our cutting-edge steel bar and wire rod.

Examples Click here to see examples of XSTEELIA™