XSTEELIA™ Catalyst for Steel Innovation
Steel for cracking connecting rod

Cracks products and reduces CO2 and processes in manufacturing.

For SYNERGIA™ "Steel x method"
Steel optimized for the customer's method x customer's products with high strength.

We developed steel for cracking connecting rod, which is manufactured by cracking steel products after integrally molding rod and cap parts.

Conventional connecting rod (5 processes) : ①②Hammering and cutting two parts separately ③Processing of matching surface ④Positioning pin ⑤Bolt tightening Matching surface /Developed cracking connecting rod (3 processes)①Hammering and cutting as one piece ②Cracking Cracking (experimental device) ③Bolt tightening Matching surface(cracked) Increased fatigue strength Reduced weight

Pursuit of the highest potential of steel (high strength, material that can be cracked)

①The cracking method simplifies the manufacturing process of connection rod (omits two processes from the conventional method).
②Enhances the fatigue strength of the material and prevents weakening of the conflicting workability.

TEM observation of fine precipitation / 3D AP-FIM observation of fine precipitation

The new material provides excellent cracking capability. Despite confliction, it realized practical workability using a non-lead component.

A cross-sectional view of parts

  • Award history:2006 Prize of Excellence and Appreciation by Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
    2007 Prize of Technology Development by the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials
    2009 Special Prize of the Monozukuri Nihon Grand Award
  • This video was created by the Japan Machinery Federation.
  • The company name "Sumitomo Metals KOKURA," which was used at the time of filming, was replaced by the current Kyushu Works Yawata area of NIPPON STEEL.