Mar. 24, 2016

NIPPON STEEL Corporation

NSSMC expanded a new lineup of “Small Diameter Wire Rods” with a diameter of 5.0 mm or less

NIPPON STEEL Corporation (President: Kosei Shindo; hereinafter “NSSMC”) expanded the product list of a wire rods with a diameter of 5.0 mm or less (“small diameter wire rods”) by realizing mass-production using NSSMC’s unique technology. By commercializing the rods this time, NSSMC will promote applications to wider fields to meet the expanded demands for ultra-small diameter wires, including those for saw wires used to cut silicon wafers for photovoltaic generation, and the growing needs for energy saving and process omission.

Our manufacturable range of “small diameter wire rods” is 3.6 to 5.0 mm, and can be applied to a wide variety of steel types, such as the wire rods for steel tire cords. The “small diameter wire rods” are also excellent in wire drawability due to their good structural homogeneity because the cooling speed difference between the surface layer and central part is small, and hence they can realize customers’ process omission in broad applications and wire diameters of products.

Kamaishi Works, a major production base of “small diameter wire rods,” is equipped with various types of test equipment that can simulate customers’ machining processes, such as those of wire drawing machines and heat treatment equipment; therefore, we will support prior evaluation, etc., according to customer needs.

The Bar & Wire Rod Unit of NSSMC is accelerating development of the high-end product group XSTEELIA under the SteeLinC brand. We are providing information on examples of specific applications and customers’ advantages by utilizing a specially installed website, and are posting detailed information on the “small diameter wire rods” in the “Examples” page.

Reference: SteeLinC website.

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