Publication of Design Guideline for Steel Sheet Piles and Textbook for Steel Structures

Dec. 09, 2016

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Publication of Design Guideline for Steel Sheet Piles
and Textbook for Steel Structures

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “NSSMC”) has published the Guideline for Steel Sheet piles with regard to its design and construction written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Recently, the demand of construction for infrastructure such as ports and railway has been booming in Indonesia. On the other hand, the increasing construction cost is becoming a big issue, and the need for steel structures which can realize cost reduction by rapid construction compared to the conventionally used concrete structures is increasing in Indonesia.

NSSMC has continuously worked with ITB in order to familiarize design and construction of sheet piles in Indonesia which comprehensively enables cost reduction by rapid construction and rationalization of structures. In addition, NSSMC joined a seminar held by some technical authorities such as HAKI (Indonesian Society of Civil and Structural Engineers) and HATTI (Indonesian Society for Geotechnical Engineering) and promoted sheet piles with their Indonesian engineers. This guideline summarized achievements gained through these kinds of discussions and activities.

This guideline provides not only design and construction methods for retaining walls of ports and rivers. but also details the design examples using HAT and HAT+H sheet piles which have been adopted in ASEAN countries. The HAT and Hat+H had been already applied to some projects in Indonesia and have been widely known to local users.

Moreover, a textbook for steel structures focusing on buildings, “Struktur Baja”, has been published by Jurusan Teknik Sipil Universitas Perita Harapan. NSSMC joined in the compilation of this book based on the request from the University, and provided information related to the design method, application in Japan, and technical data for advanced subjects such as H-shapes with uniform outer dimensions and Jumbo H-shapes. In Indonesia, the demand for construction of wide-span buildings like high-rises and exhibition halls is increasing, and engineers have needed design methods
and tools which help to design and build steel structures correctly and economically. The textbook “Struktur Baja” can definitely meet the above mentioned needs.

NSSMC would like to continue to work with Universities and Authorities in Indonesia in order to expand the recognition of the design and construction of steel, and contribute to the efficient development of infrastructure in Indonesia.

Fig. 1 Design Guideline for design and construction for Sheet piles

Fig. 2 Textbook for steel structures

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