The Sumitomo Search Paper

Dec.1998Development of the Link-Type Expansion Joint for the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge
Dec.1998Determination of Hot Sizing Conditions for Bar Rolling to Suppress the Grain Coarsening Phenomenon
Dec.1998Development of Surface Treatment Technique Promoting Protective-rust Formation
Dec.1998Development of A New Heat Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steel "NAR-AH-4"
Dec.1998New Developed Ti-10 Zr Alloy for Consumer Goods Application
Dec.1998Optimized Heatsinks for Forced Convection
Sep.1997Sheet Steel Products and their Application Technology for Automotive Uses
Sep.1997Sumitomo's Steel Bars and Wire Rods for Automobile Industries
Sep.1997Development of Forming Technique with Real-Time Control of Blank Holding Force
Sep.1997Development of Joining Technology on Aluminium and Plated Steel Sheets
Sep.1997Development of High-Strength Hot-Rolled Sheet Products for Automobile Application
Sep.1997Corrosion Resistance of Arc Welds with E-coat -Effect of Shielding Gas Composition on the Corrosion Resistance-
Sep.1997Development of Material for Fuel Tank "SZ-GTX"
Sep.1997SUMITOMO ALZINC® for Automotive Parts
Sep.1997Non-Strain-Hardening Steel Wire for Cold-Forging
Sep.1997Boron-Added Steel
Sep.1997Soft-Nitriding Steel
Sep.1997High Strength Bolting Steel
Sep.1997Development of Production Management System Based on Open System Technology for Large Diameter Pipe
Sep.1997Development of CMP (Chemical-Mechanical Polishing) Technology
Sep.1997Development of Technology for Producing Ultra Low Sulphur Steel by RH Powder Top Blowing Method
Sep.1997The Development of Integrated Production Control System for Electric Arc Furnace Process
Sep.1997Tilting Control System for Railway Vehicles Using Long-Stroke Air Spring
Sep.1997Development of an Active Suspension System for Railway Vehicles
Sep.1997Development of High Strength 2% Cr Steel Tubes (HCM2S) for Boilers
Sep.1997Development of On-line Roll Dressing Technology for Plate Rolling
Sep.1997Heat Transfer and Pressure Loss Characteristics of Very Compact Heat Sinks
Sep.1997Surface-Lubricated Steel Sheet
Sep.1997Surface Wave Plasma Etching Equipment "4010"
Sep.1996Development of Polypropylene Coated Steel Pipe for High Temperture Service
Sep.1996Service Life Prediction of Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe for Elevated Temperature
Sep.1996Durability of Color Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe
Sep.1996Advanced Technologies of High Strength Linepipe for Sour Service
Sep.1996New Compact Design Manufacturing Process for Small Size ERW Tube Mills
Sep.1996Innovations in ERW Mechanical Steel Tube Design with Automobile Applications
Sep.1996Cost Effective Steel Plates for TLP Construction in the Gulf of Mexico
Sep.1996Development of 150mm Thick HT980Z Steel Plate
Sep.1996Start-up of No.3 Bloom Continuous Caster Operations at Kokura Works
Sep.1996Liquefaction Countermeasure Using Steel Sheet Pile with Drain Capability
Sep.1996Newly-Developed Diffusion Bonding System for Steel Construction Material
Sep.1996Properties and Applications of Fiber Reinforced Cement Building Materials

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