December 1, 2015

NIPPON STEEL Corporation

NSSMC’s New Product
Development of Tough Guard™ Mild, Smooth-surfaced High-corrosion Resistant Coated Wires

NIPPON STEEL Corporation (Representative Director and President: Kosei Shindo; hereinafter, “NSSMC”) has developed smooth-surfaced coated wires with high corrosion resistance, a new product in the series of the high-end products XSTEELIA™, we have been strongly moving ahead with development under the Bar and Wire Rod Unit brand.

The coated wires of this new line have corrosion resistance showing a fivefold increase from the level of conventional Zn-Al alloy coatings. This has been achieved by adding magnesium (Mg) to a conventional Zn-Al alloy coating. NSSMC has already released Tough Guard™ Frost, roughened-surfaced high-corrosion resistant coated wires, which have been used for cage mats for river bank reinforcement work1 that need rough surfaces, receiving a high evaluation for high durability.

The newly developed smooth-surfaced high-corrosion resistant coated wires Tough Guard™ Mild, excel in the corrosion resistance when bended and welded, compared to our existing products Tough Guard™ Frost. Broad applications of this product (e.g., wire nets) can contribute to satisfying growing needs for longer service lives of social infrastructures in Japan.

This Tough Guard™ Mild will be manufactured and sold by NS Hokkai Seisen Co., Ltd. and Nichia Steel Works, Ltd. NSSMC will work on to expand the usage of the wires of this line to various sectors including civil engineering, construction, and roads, with a view to using this in combination with SuperDyma™, a line of high-corrosion resistant coated steel sheets.

Packing style when shipped *1 Reference: Cage mats for river banks

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