Energy Sector

Power generation

Stainless steel boiler tubes

Stainless steel boiler tubes

Higher temperatures and pressure are the keys for coal-fi red power stations to be effi cient. Our “ultra supercritical” (USC) stainless steel tubes have contributed to the realization of highly effi cient coal-fi red thermal power generation.

SG tubes used in a pressurized-water light-water reactor plant

Steam generator tubes (SG tubes) are used at the critical core part of the PWR plants. Nippon Steel is one of the only three suppliers of SG tubes in the world.

Resources and energy

We have many eco-friendly products, facilities, and technologies used in the resources and energy sectors.

Super 13 Cr steel pipe for seabed

Super 13 Cr steel pipe for seabed pipelines

Pipelines for natural gas have to withstand hostile corrosion environments such as the bottom of the sea. Our “super 13 chromium pipe” has superior corrosionresistant properties, was fi rst applied at North Sea sites, and is now in use at many natural gas development sites.


CLEANWELL ® DRY structures

Seamless pipes for oil and gas development use grease which contains heavy metals such as lead when connected to joints. Our premium joint CLEANWELL ® DRY is grease-free and therefore ecofriendly.

Ultra high-strength line pipe X120

X120 for seabed pipelines

Nippon Steel has developed ultra high-strength UO pipe that can be used under hostile environments such as under the ground and at the bottom of the sea. This largediameter transmission pipeline, which withstands high pressure, has improved energy transmission effi ciency.

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