Promotion of the health of employees

To help ensure we are an energetic company where all employees work at their best and stay healthy from joining the company until retiring it, we promote motion of environmental preservation, and through education, music, sports, and international exchange.
health promotion measures with a focus on disease prevention. Specifically, the company is committed to providing a full health checkup menu and enhanced aftercare to benefit the mental and physical wellness of employees, while employees are expected to also be committed to implementing measures for their own health maintenance. We believe that these measures will be sources of willingness to work, contributing to balancing work with health by staying healthy and, in case of illness, by continuing to work while being treated, when conditions permit.

Commitment to wellness by both the company and employees

Commitment to wellness by both the company and employees

Organization chart for health promotion

Organization chart for health promotion

Physical wellness

Using the corporate-wide medical checkup system which focuses on serious disease risks, Nippon Steel thoroughly manages health guidance on the basis of managing risks, and decides the frequency of medical checkup as part of that heath maintenance effort. In addition, as a
measure against lifestyle-related diseases, a recurring event to promote specific health guidance and lifestyle modification named the Health Challenge Campaign is conducted in cooperation with the health insurance association. As measures against cancer, cancer screening tests are broadly included in checkup items, depending on age and gender.
In 2018, screening for breast cancer and uterine cervix cancer were included for female employees of all group companies.

Mental wellness

Aiming for each employee to enjoy a robust life on and off the job, we provide a consulting service for prevention and early detection in the area of mental health, and have incorporated the issue of mental health in in-house seminars. We also offer education on how to be aware of one’s own stress and to deal with it, how managers should care for their subordinates and manage their team, and how to use or coordinate with the corporate physician, nurses, and other staff. Using an annual stress check result to approach teams and individuals to give guidance for improvement, workplaces coordinate with the personnel department and the health department in contributing to a vigorous work environment, and implement necessary measures according to the issues of a team or an individual.

Support to employees who work overseas

In order to enable employees who work overseas to work without undue worries, a seminar for the employees and their family is held before the overseas assignment, and information on mandatory vaccination, the local medical system, and specialized medical assistance programs is provided. Under the policy of providing continuous health management support during
overseas assignments, interviews with occupational health staff are conducted via a video-conference system and other means, in addition to regular medical checkups. Moreover, one of the company’s physicians periodically visits overseas offices, researches local medical institutions and the daily-life environment, and meets with employees to offer advice.

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